Project Library

Welcome to the UBC Sustainability Scholars Project Library, a repository for Sustainability Scholars project reports and a body of knowledge to support further research around sustainability.

Reports cover a variety of urban sustainability themes, including climate and energy, green buildings, zero-waste, transportation, food, and social sustainability. Reports are grouped by program and categorised thematically.

Greenest City Scholars Project Reports

UBC's Greenest City Scholars Program enables UBC graduate students to work on applied sustainability projects that help advance the City of Vancouver's Greenest City Action Plan. Each project results in a report documenting the scholar's work, research and outcomes on each of the Greenest City goals.

Green Transportation

We aim to improve your quality of life by making Vancouver a city where moving on foot or by bike is safe, convenient, and enjoyable.
Transit should be fast, frequent, reliable, and accessible, and public spaces should be vibrant.

Zero Waste

Zero waste—diverting waste from the landfill— is critical to solving today's climate crisis.

UBC Sustainability Scholars Project Reports

UBC's Sustainability Scholars program provides UBC graduate students with applied sustainability work opportunities that help advance our partner organizations' sustainability goals. The project reports listed here provide an overview of the project, the research involved and any findings and outcomes.

Climate & Energy

Green Buildings

Social Sustainability