Climate Crisis in Urban Biodiversity (CCUB) is an initiative aimed towards creating interdisciplinary, demand-driven, diverse, and inclusive student-led research that designs and develops urban solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises simultaneously. 

Applying an inclusive research design and engagement model, CCUB fosters community-based and applied research collaborations with students, faculty, staff and community partners to inform related policies and practices for accelerating action on the climate and biodiversity crises. By co-developing localized urban actions and adaptations we advance local and global issues while supporting transformative learning and research opportunities. 

By participating in a CCUB collaboration, you can: 

  • Join an interdisciplinary platform to collaborate on applied research and initiatives to generate scalable solutions that tackle climate change and urban biodiversity loss
  • Bring your ideas on mobilizing solutions to the interconnected ecological and climate crises to life
  • Strengthen your knowledge, from diverse disciplines and perspectives, about biodiversity in a changing climate
  • Inform and advance UBC’s policy and planning work and pilot novel practices to accelerate action on climate change and urban biodiversity loss
  • Build your network and make interdisciplinary connections with campus operational practitioners, faculty members, students and community
  • Create positive and meaningful change


Photo 1. The Urban Climate Justice Workshop was co-hosted by SEEDS with the UBC Climate Hub. An inclusive and interdisciplinary workshop aimed to elicit input on what climate justice means to the UBC community, bridge concepts of human and Nature’s rights, consider what the integration of climate justice into emerging campus policies and actions look like, and identify priority student research areas for climate justice on campus