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Climate Change & Energy
Since 2011, UBC’s energy conservation projects have reduced annual campus electrical use by 16 gigawatt hours (GWh). This is the equivalent to shutting down our campus for 3.5 weeks, and taking 1,500 cars off the road.
Production, Consumption & Waste
Built Environment & Mobility

News & Events

Hope in the Climate Crisis: Transitioning Our World

UBC’s Annual Sustainability Report 2017-18 is out now

Sustainability Careers Connections Event

Future Of Food Global Dialogue with Harriet Friedmann

The Effect of Vineyard Groundcover Vegetation on Soil Fungi

Fri, March 1, 2019 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM University Centre. Free. Doctoral Dissertation Oral...


Sustainability Ambassadors Program

The Sustainability Ambassadors Program is a leadership experience for students interested in...
Human Well-being & Social Systems

Zero Waste Squad

The Zero Waste Squad is a peer-led volunteer program open to all UBC students – brought to you with...

UBC Sustainability Scholars Program

Workplace Sustainability Fund

The Workplace Sustainability Fund awards UBC Sustainability Coordinators with up to $1,000 to...

Research & Teaching

Climate Change & Energy
The Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility produces renewable energy for UBC’s campus using wood waste biomass. This helps reduce UBC’s GHG emissions and supports research projects on innovative clean energy systems.
My work bridges the natural and social sciences at the nexus of political ecology, political economy, and urban studies, particularly where those fields intersect with “sustainability science”.