UBC’s Zero Waste Action Plan targets 80 percent overall waste diversion by 2020. Improving our campus recycling infrastructure is a major part of how we can achieve our goal. However, recycling does not happen without the participation of our entire community. Through campus-wide engagement programs, behavioural change campaigns and awareness building activities, we encourage everyone at UBC contribute to building a zero waste campus and a circular economy.

Increasing waste diversion to 80% by 2020 is an ambitious target. UBC’s Zero Waste Action Plan outlines our commitment to reaching new milestones in waste reduction and management, and what we’ll need to do to get there.
UBC collaborated with Metro Vancouver and the City of Vancouver on a Zero Waste Food Ware Strategy to reduce and recycle single use food ware and packaging, such as coffee cups and take-out containers.

Zero Waste Squad

Currently on hiatus, the Zero Waste Squad is a peer-led volunteer program that educates the campus community about recycling and composting
Reducing waste is the most important way we can improve waste management. At UBC, we have a number of initiatives to green our supply chain, reduce paper consumption, and promote reusable containers.


At UBC, we separate our waste into four main streams: food scraps, containers, paper, and garbage. You'll see the Sort it Out stations conveniently placed in buildings and other locations.