UBC is an agent of change for sustainability, urgent climate action and a more just society. 

Faculties, researchers and departments across UBC are working on a variety of innovative initiatives all aimed at meeting the university’s ambitious goals related to sustainability and climate action. With this collective effort, a brand toolkit was created to ensure a cohesive and consistent approach to sustainability and climate action communications in a manner that reflects UBC’s distributed environment. Faculties and administrative units are encouraged to incorporate the sustainability identity within their relevant work—all in an effort to increase visibility of sustainability and climate action initiatives across the university and to communicate more consistently and effectively with external audiences.

Communications plays an integral role in supporting the culture change required to meet UBC’s ambitious goals related to sustainability and climate action.  

Please direct any questions about the toolkit to Jon Garner at jon.garner@ubc.ca.

What is UBC doing to leverage its position and empower students, faculty and staff to make change?


Working to create the most sustainable and equitable campuses in the world.


Empowering and supporting the sustainability leaders of tomorrow.


Helping British Columbia reach a more sustainable future through research, living labs, community engagement, and other actions that tackle our most pressing issues.


Leading and partnering with other organizations to achieve impact at a scale that makes a difference for individuals and society.



Download the best practice guide PDF for more details about sustainability-related communications at UBC. 


UBC Sustainability Colours

UBC Sustainability Colour Guide and Palettes

Get the UBC Sustainability colours. Use the colour formulas below, or if you prefer using Adobe CC programs, download and install the palette files offered below.

Download Colour Formula Cheat Sheet .PDF (78KB)

Download Adobe CC ColourPalettes .ZIP (4 KB)

Primary Colours

UBC Primary Blue Swatch PMS 282 HEX#00214

UBC Sustainability Green PMS 576 Swatch HEX#789C4A

White Swatch HEX#FFFFFF

Large text & graphics swatch PMS 575 HEX#5D7937

Illustrations Swatch PMS577 HEX#ACC465

Accents Swatch PMS 579 HEX#C8D996

Secondary Colours

Sky Blue swatch HEX #057BA4

Sky Blue Icons swatch HEX #009FD7

Sky Blue Illustrations swatch HEX #85C9F0

Sky Blue Accents swatch HEX #BCDFF7

Rust swatch HEX #B65340

Rust Icons swatch HEX #ED6A53

Rust Illustrations swatch HEX #F5A37F

Rust Accents swatch HEX #F9C5AF

Ochre swatch HEX #966D00

Ochre Icons swatch HEX #D39700

Ochre Illustrations swatch HEX #EAB600

Ochre Accents swatch HEX #F5D58F


UBC Sustainability Ripple Graphic

Vector files of the UBC Sustainability ripple effect graphic. This is the minimum for identifying that your project supports UBC’s sustainability mandate.

Download Ripple Graphic (Design Version) .ZIP (2.2 MB)

UBC Sustainability Wordmark

Vector files of the UBC Sustainability wordmark with the ripple graphic. A simple way to announce that your project supports UBC’s sustainability mandate.

Download Sustainability Wordmarks (Design Version) .ZIP (9.1MB)



UBC Sustainability Photography Library

Highlight how your program or initiative aligns with UBC’s Sustainability mandate through on-brand photography available via Flickr through the following accounts.


UBC Sustainability Publication Bars

If you are planning to publish brochures, magazines, reports or other print communication materials, please use our publication bars. They can be used with design programs, such as Adobe InDesign, and desktop publishing programs, such as Microsoft Word.

Download Sustainability Publication Bars (Design Version) .ZIP (10.3 MB)




Please direct any questions about the toolkit to Jon Garner, Sustainability Hub, Manager of Communications and Engagement, at jon.garner@ubc.ca.