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Canada ranks third in the world for animal movement between protected areas, finds new UBC research.

Nature is Right- Legal Recognition of Nature’s Rights

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Engagement Recap: Re-storying our Relations with the Natural World – Mother Trees Forest Walk

Ecological Systems
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UBC strengthens track record as global sustainability leader in higher education

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Podcast: F is for Faculty - Dr. Aaron Boley

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A podcast series on sustainability and climate action brought to you by the Sustainability Hub. In each episode, we’ll introduce you to what a UBC faculty member is doing to advance sustainability and climate action through research and teaching, and they’ll tell you what they want you to DO with all this new knowledge.

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Join the Sustainability Hub, Climate Hub, or Campus + Community Planning through UBC's Work Learn program . From addressing the climate emergency to supporting research and knowledge mobilization, we have plenty of opportunities for you to integrate sustainability into your work. Sustainability Hub...
Words by Gä̀gala-ƛ̓iƛ̓ətko (Nadia Joe), Co-Manager, Climate Emergency Response, Sustainability Hub As we confront the climate emergency, we must deeply question the dominant narrative that pursues unlimited growth rooted in unrestrained colonial and capitalist paradigms. But can we reimagine new...
“We use storytelling as a way of humanizing the impacts of the climate crisis and communicating the importance of cross-movement solidarity. I hope that this project sparks interest, awareness, and action around how climate justice can be integrated into people's work — no matter what issue they...
Words by Linda Nowlan, photograph by Julia Kidder On a cloudy day on the Fraser estuary in Steveston, a group of Fraser Estuary Research Collaborative (FERC) Sustainability Scholars and their NGO mentors met at the Blue Cabin floating artist residency to share progress on their paid applied...
Words by Niki Afsharpour, Katherine Eadon-Clarke, and Cait Murphy The UC3 Summit included “The Race to Zero: Universities Working to Catalyze Climate Action” panel which had opening remarks by President Ono and Catherine McKenna, and featured speakers John Robinson, Cynthia María Villarreal Muraira...
On June 29th, 2022, a government delegation from Ireland toured the building with UBC leadership including Linda Nowlan, Senior Director, Sustainability Hub, Angelique Pilon, Director of Urban Innovation Research, and David Kiloh, Director of Facilities and Building Services for UBC Student Housing...
Written by Maggy Spence This summer, I am working on a unique project with the False Creek Friends Society , a relatively new, up-and-coming non-profit organization. The long-term goal of the Society is to establish a marine protected area within False Creek and English Bay co-managed by the...
Whether you enjoy your podcasts on a lunchtime walk, pushing reps at the gym, lining up for the 99, early morning gardening or late-night listening, we’ve got you covered with new sustainability and climate action learning from UBC’s amazing faculty. We hope you enjoy. Feedback, comments, questions...
Congratulations to the 2022 recipients of the Sustainability Education Grants! Learn more about this year's recipients and the exciting work they have planned. JEDDII in Sustainability Education [2-year grant] Lead applicants: Leonora Angeles (Applied Science) and Kim Snowden (Arts) This project...
All opinions belong to Claire Ewing and not to Metro Vancouver or any other governmental body or employer. Can you describe what your Scholar's project was about? My project considered the concentrations and distributions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from gas boilers, heaters, and generators...