As a large, research-intensive university, with considerable land, assets and utilities in Vancouver and the Okanagan, UBC is in a unique position to use our campuses as test beds for sustainability. Our goals are to enhance the efficiency of our operations, improve environmental performance, and achieve cost savings, while leveraging our campus infrastructure and built environment to demonstrate innovative sustainability solutions at a municipal scale.

Enquiries can be directed to the Campus + Community Planning Sustainability Planning and Engagement Team.

Climate Action

As a global leader in sustainability and climate action, UBC uses its land, assets and utilities as a hub for sustainability innovation. Our Vancouver campus now produces 30% less GHG's than in 2007.

Energy Management

UBC’s efforts to manage our energy consumption addresses the triple bottom line of positive environmental, social, and economic impacts.

Recycling & Waste

UBC’s Zero Waste Action Plan targets 80 percent overall waste diversion by 2020. Improving our campus recycling infrastructure is one way we can achieve our goal. But we need you too.


At UBC we enjoy an abundance of water due to a large amount of rainfall. However, with seasonal rainfall and limited storage, there are periods when water reservoir levels run low and water use must be restricted.

Green Buildings

Buildings help serve UBC’s academic mission by creating a sustainable, healthy place for teaching, learning and research, as well as places to socialize, live and play.


At UBC, we are establishing sustainable food systems that improve our community’s health and wellbeing. We do this by operating Canada’s first Fair Trade campus, growing local produce, and composting food scraps.


Making sustainable choices – ones that have a positive impact on value, social equity, and environmental wellbeing – is at the heart of UBC’s purchasing principles.


With over 155,000 trips to and from UBC each day, encouraging more sustainable modes of transportation is key to meeting our sustainability goals. Since 1997, transit ridership to UBC has nearly quadrupled.