Find out more about your responsibilities and commitments, the skills we’re looking for, the training we provide, and the benefits of becoming a Sustainability Ambassador. Deadline extended to February 21, 2024.


The Sustainability Ambassadors program is an immersive leadership experience for UBC students interested in personal, collaborative, and community-engaged learning. The program is designed to offer opportunities for critical and creative engagement, and experiences for students to practice their leadership skills and sustainability competencies through learning, planning and implementing projects, events, and workshops to advance UBC sustainability priority areas and goals.

Program Goals

Participant-Focused Goals
  • Develop sustainability competencies and skills to foster learning, equity, and mutual respect
  • Develop project management and facilitation skills
Community-Focused Goals
  • Increase awareness of, and engagement in, sustainability and climate issues on and off campus
  • Increase involvement in sustainability and climate action



  • Review commitments. Read all the information on this page to make sure you understand the responsibilities and can commit the time required to participate.
  • Prepare your application. Our online application will ask you some questions about why you want to be a Sustainability Ambassador, what you hope to learn and to describe key strengths or qualities you will bring to the role.
  • Update your resume. You will need a current resume. This must be provided in PDF format, using the following name convention: Firstname_Lastname.pdf (e.g., Priyanka_Chopra.pdf)
  • Submit your application online. *Deadline extended to February 21, 2024.*

Apply Here



Desired Skills and Experiences

  • UBC undergraduate and graduate students in any faculty
  • Positive attitude
  • Enthusiasm for sustainability and leadership responsibilities at UBC
  • Willingness to learn and share information with peers
  • Interest in speaking with others and leading workshops
  • Ability to take initiative
  • Ability to take the lead as well as work cooperatively in small and large teams
  • Committed to learning about sustainability
  • Committed to ongoing learning and education
  • Professional and reliable as a Sustainability Ambassador and Peer educator

Benefits of Participating

  • Connection to UBC Sustainability – learn more about UBC initiatives
  • Be a UBC sustainability leader
  • Develop a set of professional  and sustainability competencies
  • Assist and learn from UBC Communications with marketing and promotions
  • Increase your knowledge about specific sustainability issues
  • Meet other leaders who are also interested in promoting sustainability education
  • Gain job-related skills and experience
  • Make new friends and be better connected to the UBC community