The Green Labs Program supports researchers to reduce the environmental impact of laboratory-based activities by implementing sustainable practices and technologies. We provide UBC faculty, staff and students with the opportunity to learn about wise environmental practices, exchange ideas, and access recycling and energy conservation programs. Managed by UBC's Campus + Community Planning.
Reduce energy, water use, and improve recycling in your lab
Access funding to help reduce the environmental impact of your lab activities
Implement sustainable solutions in your lab with Green Labs resources
Participate in friendly conservation competitions with labs across UBC

Green Your Lab

Ready to dive into what you can do to reduce your environmental impact in the lab? Or are you looking for more information on programs such as Lab Plastics Recycling? View our Green Labs Guides for tips and tricks.

Chill Up Challenge

Did you know that Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers operating at -80°C use enough energy to power a single-family home? Find out how small adjustments can drastically reduce energy use.

Shut the Sash

Fume hoods at UBC consume up to 10 per cent of campus energy due to the large colume of air that needs to be heated or cooled and moved through them. Find out how Shut the Sash helps save energy.

Featured Projects

Green Labs supports various lab sustainability projects on campus. Find out more about these projects to learn how to replicate them in your lab or get inspired to launch a project of your own!


My Green Lab Certification

Waterless Condensers

Lab Sustainability Course

Sustainability Coordinator Program

ULT Freezer Rebate Program

Green Labs Fund

International Freezer Challenge

Free Outlet Timers

UBC is a research-intensive university with over 400 labs. Lab buildings account for approximately 50% of UBC Vancouver campus energy use, 25% of water use and 95% of hazardous waste generated.

News & Events

2023 International Freezer Challenge

Climate Change & Energy

Pharmaceutical Sciences Chill Up Challenge

From gloves to lawn furniture: UBC nitrile glove recycling pilot

Production, Consumption & Waste

UBC Receives Sustainable Purchasing Award from International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories

Production, Consumption & Waste

UBC Green Labs, the Life Sciences Centre and Spud divert hundreds of gel ice packs from the landfill

Production, Consumption & Waste


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