Greenest City Scholars Program

Photo Credit: Martin Dee

Since 2010, the UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI) has collaborated with the City of Vancouver to sponsor UBC graduate students to work on sustainability projects with the City in support of the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan. To date, 100 Greenest City Scholars Projects have been completed. Internships are paid and open to all graduate students at UBC.


In 2014, based on the success of the Greenest City Scholars Program, USI launched the UBC Sustainability Scholars Program. Through UBC Sustainability Scholars, USI collaborates with both on- and off-campus sustainability partners to offer UBC graduate students the opportunity to work in funded sustainability internship projects.


The UBC Sustainability Scholars Program (including Greenest City Scholars) is open to UBC graduate students from all academic disciplines and runs from early May to mid-August each year.

Browse our projects library and view reports produced by Greenest City Scholars over the past 6 years.