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GEOB 402 Air Pollution Meteorology

GEOB 407 Vegetation Dynamics: Disturbance, Climate and Human Impacts

GEOB 408 The Changing Cryosphere

GEOB 479 Research in Geographic Information Science

GEOB 504A Topics in Climate Studies

GEOB 504B Topics in Climate Studies

GEOG 121 Geography, Environment and Globalization

GEOG 122 Geography, Modernity and Globalization

GEOG 211 The State of the Earth

GEOG 250 Cities

GEOG 290 Introduction to the Geography of Canada

GEOG 310 Environment and Sustainability

GEOG 311 Urban Environments

GEOG 312 Climate Change: Science and Society

GEOG 313 Environmental Justice and Social Change

GEOG 314 Analysing Environmental Problems

GEOG 315 Human and Environmental Geography Field Course

GEOG 316 Geography of Natural Hazards

GEOG 318 Sustainability in a Changing Environment

GEOG 319 Environmental Impact Assessment

GEOG 328 Constructing Canada

GEOG 350 Urban Worlds

GEOG 352 Urbanization in the Global South

GEOG 353 Geographies of Migration and Settlement

GEOG 362 Geography of Economic Development

GEOG 410 Environment and Society

GEOG 412 Water Management: Theory, Policy, and Practice.

GEOG 419 Research in Environmental Geography

GEOG 423 Development of Environmental Thought

GEOG 424 Feminist Geographies

GEOG 446A Topics in Geography

GEOG 446B Topics in Geography

GEOG 457 Social and Behavioural Geography

GEOG 495 Geographies of Social Movements in the Americas

GEOG 496 Geography of Africa

GEOG 497 The Arctic

GEOG 512 Climate Change in the 21st Century

GEOG 517 Environmental Sustainability

GEOG 519 Environment, Development and Security

GEOG 521 Philosophy, Social Theory, and Human Geography

GPP 507 Environmental Law and Policy Frameworks

GPP 520 Economics of Poverty

GPP 522 Development Discourses and Practices

GPP 527 Corporate Social Responsibility

GPP 541 Policy Dimensions of Energy Systems

GPP 543 Sustainable Water Systems

GPP 544 Economic Foundations of Environmental Policies

GPP 560 Global Governance: Frameworks and Policy Debates

GPP 562 Resource Governance, Environment and Human Security

GPP 564 Security Challenges for Asian States and People