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Climate Change Courses

Looking for climate change-related courses in particular? Browse through our curated collection available to undergraduate and graduate students at UBC Vancouver.

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CONS 495 Human Wildlife Conflict

CONS 496 Primate Conservation in the Anthropocene

CONS 503C Topics in Conservation

CONS 504A Directed Studies in Conservation

CONS 504B Directed Studies in Conservation

CONS 504C Directed Studies in Conservation

CONS 504D Directed Studies in Conservation

CONS 504E Directed Studies in Conservation

CONS 504F Directed Studies in Conservation

CONS 505 Ecological Restoration

CONS 506 Forest Conservation in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

DES 201 Design Studio I - Context and Site

DES 220 Architecture and Urbanism in Context: Vancouver and its Region

DES 230 Sustainability by Design

DES 302 Design Studio IV - Vancouver

DES 401 Design Studio V - Urban Systems Scale Synthesis

DES 430 Environment, Urban Form, and Infrastructure

DES 445 Entrepreneurship and Ethics in Design

ECON 210 Microeconomic Policy

ECON 234 Wealth and Poverty of Nations

ECON 255 Understanding Globalization

ECON 317 Poverty and Inequality

ECON 335 Fertility, Families and Human Migration

ECON 339 Economics of Technological Change

ECON 351 Women in the Economy

ECON 364A The Economics of Sustainable Development: Communities, Markets and Technology

ECON 364B The Economics of Sustainable Development: Communities, Markets and Technology

ECON 370 Benefit-Cost Analysis and the Economics of Project Evaluation

ECON 371 Economics of the Environment

ECON 374 Land Economics

ECON 441 The Process of Economic Development

ECON 442 Issues in Economic Development

ECON 451 Economics of Public Expenditures

ECON 471 Economics of Nonrenewable Resources

ECON 472 Economics of Renewable Resources

ECON 573 Environmental Economics

ECPS 310 International Development and Human Security

EDCP 304 Textile Design and Pedagogical Approaches: Art Education

EDCP 323 Outdoor Environmental Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy

EDCP 328 Environmental Education

EDCP 329 Agriculture in the Curriculum

EDCP 423 Outdoor Environmental Education: Design, Implementation and Assessment

EDCP 532 Theories and Dimensions of Place-Based Education: Ecohumanist, Critical, and Indigenous Lenses

EDCP 538 Theory and Research in Environmental Education

EDCP 539 Narrativity, Ecopedagogy and Indigeneity

EDST 585 Capstone: Society, Culture, and Politics in Education

EDST 588 Environmental Philosophy and Education

EDST 597 Educational Theories: Equality, Democracy, and Justice

EDUC 210 Global Citizenship, Part 1: Introduction

EDUC 211 Global Citizenship, Part 2: Community Service Learning and Capstone Conference