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Climate Change Courses

Looking for climate change-related courses in particular? Browse through our curated collection available to undergraduate and graduate students at UBC Vancouver.

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EECE 555 Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems

ELEC 352 Electric Energy Systems

ENDS 211 Introduction to Environmental Design

ENDS 221 Sustainability by Design

ENDS 402 Environmental Design Studio IV

ENDS 440 Environment and Urban Form

ENGL 565A Studies in Environmental Humanities

ENVE 200 Environmental Engineering Design and Decision Making

ENVE 202 Environmental Engineering Science

ENVE 203 Environmental Engineering and Sustainability

ENVE 301 Environmental Engineering Intermediate Design Project

ENVR 200 Introduction to Environmental Science

ENVR 201 Climate Action Lab 1

ENVR 300 Introduction to Research in Environmental Science

ENVR 302 Climate Action Lab 1 and 2

ENVR 400 Community Project in Environmental Science

ENVR 410 Energy, Environment, and Society

ENVR 420 Ecohydrology of Watersheds and Water Systems

ENVR 430 Ecological Dimensions of Sustainability

ENVR 440 Analytical Methods in Sustainability Science

EOSC 110 The Solid Earth: A Dynamic Planet

EOSC 112 The Fluid Earth: Atmosphere and Ocean

EOSC 212 Topics in the Earth and Planetary Sciences.

EOSC 270 Marine Ecosystems

EOSC 310 The Earth and the Solar System

EOSC 314 The Ocean Environment

EOSC 315 The Ocean Ecosystem

EOSC 325 Principles of Physical Hydrogeology

EOSC 326 Earth and Life Through Time

EOSC 329 Groundwater Hydrology

EOSC 340 Global Climate Change

EOSC 372 Introductory Oceanography: Circulation and Plankton

EOSC 373 Introductory Oceanography: Climate and Ecosystems

EOSC 428 Field Techniques in Groundwater Hydrology

EOSC 429 Groundwater Contamination

EOSC 431 Groundwater Remediation

EOSC 442 Climate Measurement and Analysis

EOSC 470 Biological Oceanography

EOSC 472 Chemical Oceanography and Marine Geochemistry

EOSC 474 Marine Pollution

EOSC 475 Marine Microbiology

EOSC 478 Introduction to Fisheries Science

EOSC 532 Field Laboratory in Groundwater Hydrology

EOSC 533 Advanced Groundwater Hydrology

FCOR 500 Leadership and Sustainability

FISH 500 Issues in Fisheries Research: Seminars - Fisheries Management

FISH 501 Issues in Fisheries Research: Ecosystem Modelling

FISH 504 Quantitative Analysis of Fisheries I

FISH 505 Quantitative Analysis of Fisheries II

FISH 506E Current Topics in Fisheries