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APSC 598G Topics in Engineering: Sustainable Building Project

ARCH 411 Materials and Methods of Construction

ARCH 511 Architectural Technology I

ARCH 531 Architectural Technology II

ARCH 573E Seminar: Environmental Studies: Sustainable Design Practices

ARCH 574 Green Building Contemporary Practice

ARCH 575 Regenerative Development

ARCL 305 Archaeological Interpretation

ARCL 309 The Archaeology of Collapse and Sustainability

ASIC 200 Global Issues in the Arts and Sciences

ASIC 220 Introduction to Sustainability

ASTU 210 Global Citizenship, Part 1: Introduction

ASTU 211 Global Citizenship, Part 2: Community Service Learning and Capstone Conference

ASTU 401C Special Topics in Arts Studies: Global Women’s Health and Human Rights

BA 560 Ethics and Sustainability

BAEN 549 Innovation and Sustainability

BAEN 580A Topics in Entrepreneurship: Indigenous Relations and Economic Development

BAEN 580C Topics in Entrepreneurship: Impact Investing

BIOL 111 Introduction to Modern Biology

BIOL 210 Vascular Plants

BIOL 230 Fundamentals of Ecology

BIOL 306 Advanced Ecology

BIOL 317 Weed Science

BIOL 343 Plants and Peoples

BIOL 345 Human Ecology

BIOL 411 Insect Ecology

BIOL 413 Zoogeography

BIOL 416 Principles of Conservation Biology

BIOL 420 Ocean Conservation and Sustainability

BIOL 421 Plant-Microbe Interactions

BIOL 427 Ornithology and Herpetology

BIOL 465 Diversity and Evolution of Fishes

CEEN 503 Sustainable Energy Systems

CEEN 504 Energy Storage and Transmission

CEEN 523 Energy and the Environment

CEEN 525 Energy Policy

CEEN 550 Energy Efficiency and Conservation

CEEN 590A Topics in Clean Energy Engineering

CEEN 590B Topics in Clean Energy Engineering: Energy Modeling

CEEN 590C Topics in Clean Energy Engineering: Geothermal Energy

CEEN 590D Topics in Clean Energy Engineering: Energy Evaluation, Measurement and Verification

CEEN 597 Seminar

CHBE 244 Chemical and Biological Engineering Thermodynamics I

CHBE 364 Environmental Engineering Laboratory

CHBE 373 Water Pollution Control

CHBE 402 Biomass Fractionation Technology

CHBE 453 Biological Process and Product Design

CHBE 454 Chemical Process and Product Design

CHBE 457 Process Synthesis

CHBE 477 Fuel Cell and Electrochemical Engineering