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Climate Change Courses

Looking for climate change-related courses in particular? Browse through our curated collection available to undergraduate and graduate students at UBC Vancouver.

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CIVL 558 Water Resources Infrastructure

CIVL 559 Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology

CIVL 561 Risk and Remediation in Geo-environment

CIVL 562 Environmental Data Collection and Analysis

CIVL 564 Engineering Management of Solid Wastes

CIVL 565 Physical-Chemical Treatment Processes

CIVL 566 Transport and Mixing of Pollutants in Aquatic Systems

CIVL 568 Water Pollution Engineering and its Ecological Impact

CIVL 569 Biological Wastewater Treatment

CIVL 582 Transportation Engineering Impacts

CIVL 583 Urban Engineering Methods and Models

CIVL 586 Urban Transportation System Analysis

CIVL 598P Topics in Civil Engineering

COEC 475 The Economics & Policy of the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources

COMM 186E Topics in Business I

COMM 314 Strategies for Responsible Business

COMM 362 Consumer Behaviour

COMM 386I Topics in Business III

COMM 386J Topics in Business III

COMM 386L Topics in Business III

COMM 386T Topics in Business III

COMM 388 Design Methods for Business Innovation

COMM 460 Social and Nonprofit Marketing

COMM 484 Sustainability Marketing

COMM 485 Social Entrepreneurship

COMM 486D Special Topics in Business

COMM 597 Environmental Management

COMR 485 Social Entrepreneurship

CONS 101 Introduction to Conservation

CONS 200 Foundations of Conservation

CONS 210 Visualizing Climate Change

CONS 310 Ecology in a Changing Climate

CONS 314 Elements of Biodiversity

CONS 330 Conservation Science and Sustainability

CONS 340 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems for Forestry and Conservation

CONS 370 Aboriginal Forestry

CONS 412 Belowground Ecosystems

CONS 425 Sustainable Energy: Policy and Governance

CONS 440 Conservation Policy

CONS 449A Directed Studies in Natural Resources Conservation

CONS 449C Directed Studies in Natural Resources Conservation

CONS 449F Directed Studies in Natural Resources Conservation

CONS 449I Directed Studies in Natural Resources Conservation

CONS 451 Integrated Field School

CONS 452 Global Perspectives Capstone

CONS 453 International Conservation and Forest Ecosystem Management Field School

CONS 481 Conservation Planning and Wildland Recreation

CONS 486 Fish Conservation and Management

CONS 488 Contemporary Forestry and Conservation in China (UBC Global Seminar Series)

CONS 491 Recreation and Tourism Planning