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Climate Change Courses

Looking for climate change-related courses in particular? Browse through our curated collection available to undergraduate and graduate students at UBC Vancouver.

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CEEN 503 Sustainable Energy Systems

CEEN 504 Energy Storage and Transmission

CEEN 523 Energy and the Environment

CEEN 525 Energy Policy

CEEN 550 Energy Efficiency and Conservation

CEEN 580A Directed Studies in Clean Energy Engineering

CEEN 590A Topics in Clean Energy Engineering

CEEN 590D Topics in Clean Energy Engineering

CEEN 597 Seminar

CHBE 244 Chemical and Biological Engineering Thermodynamics I

CHBE 364 Environmental Engineering Laboratory

CHBE 370 Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering

CHBE 373 Water Pollution Control

CHBE 402 Biomass Fractionation Technology

CHBE 453 Biological Process and Product Design

CHBE 454 Chemical Process and Product Design

CHBE 457 Process Synthesis

CHBE 483 Energy Engineering

CHBE 485 Air Pollution Prevention and Control

CHBE 486 Waste Management for Resource Recovery

CHBE 488 Carbon Capture, Conversion and Sequestration Technologies

CHBE 573 Environmental Engineering and Sustainability

CHBE 575 Air Pollution Control

CHBE 583 Energy Engineering

CHBE 588 Carbon Capture, Conversion and Sequestration Technologies

CHEM 121 Structure and Bonding in Chemistry

CHEM 301 Aqueous Environmental Chemistry

CHEM 302 Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry

CHEM 341 Global Challenges: A Chemical Perspective

CHEM 418 Organometallic Chemistry

CIVL 201 Introduction to Civil Engineering

CIVL 204 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering

CIVL 250 Engineering and Sustainable Development

CIVL 302 Civil Engineering Impacts

CIVL 305 Introduction to Environmental Engineering

CIVL 402 Professionalism and Law in Civil Engineering

CIVL 406 Water Treatment and Waste Management

CIVL 407 Environmental Laboratory Analysis

CIVL 408 Geo-Environmental Engineering

CIVL 409 Municipal Engineering

CIVL 415 Water Resource Engineering

CIVL 416 Environmental Hydraulics

CIVL 420 Concrete Technology

CIVL 426 Virtual Design and Construction

CIVL 441 Transportation Planning and Analysis

CIVL 475 Environmental Stewardship in Civil Engineering

CIVL 526 Virtual Design and Construction

CIVL 542 Physical Limnology

CIVL 548 Numerical Modelling of Surface Water Quality

CIVL 551 Advanced Hydrology