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GRSJ 102 Global Issues in Social Justice

GRSJ 200 Gender and Environmental Justice

GRSJ 224B Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice in Literature: Young Adult Fiction and Social Justice: Stories for Changing the World

GRSJ 300 Intersectional Approaches to Thinking Gender

GRSJ 303 Gender, Race, Social Justice and the Law

GRSJ 305 Social Justice Issues in Community and International Organizing

GRSJ 306 Globalization and Social Justice: Gender, Race, and Sexuality in International Politics

GRSJ 310 Gender, Race, Social Justice and Health

GRSJ 326 The Politics of Gender, Families, and Nation-Building

GRSJ 500 Intersectional Issues in Social Justice and Equality Studies

GRSJ 515A Critical and Creative Social Justice Studies Seminars

HGSE 312 Perspectives on Reconciliation

HGSE 313 Reconciliation and Resource Management

HGSE 314 Reconciliation and Communities

HGSE 320A Special Topics on Ecology in Indigenous Contexts: Social-Ecological Change: An Introduction to Systems Thinking and Resilience

HGSE 320B Special Topics on Ecology in Indigenous Contexts: Environmental Assessment in Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Contexts

HGSE 320C Special Topics on Ecology in Indigenous Contexts: Plant Ecology and Diversity

HGSE 320D Special Topics on Ecology in Indigenous Contexts: Ethnoecology and Ethnobotany

HGSE 350 Case Studies in Haida Gwaii

HGSE 351 History and Politics of Resource Management

HGSE 352 First Nations Governance and Natural Resource Management

HGSE 353 Rainforest Ecology and Management

HGSE 354 Diversifying Resource-Dependent Communities

HGSE 355 Applied Ecology of Coastal Terrestrial Ecosystems

HGSE 356 Biophysical Dynamics of the Marine-Terrestrial Interface

HGSE 357 Ecology and Management of Island Wildlife

HGSE 358 Systems Thinking for Resource Management

HGSE 359 Ecosystem-Based Management Seminar

HIST 103 World History Since 1900

HIST 104B Topics in World History: Cities in History

HIST 104G Topics in World History: Genocide and Mass Killing: A Global History

HIST 105C Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective: Social Movements

HIST 106 Global Environmental History

HIST 302 History of the Indigenous Peoples of North America

HIST 391 Human Rights in World History

HIST 395 The Nuclear Century: Scientists, Atoms, and the World Order Since 1900

HIST 396 Environmental History of North America

HIST 402G Problems in International Relations: Post-Colonial International History

HIST 414 Constitutions in Canadian History: From Pre-Contact to the Charter of Rights

HIST 432 International Relations in the Twentieth Century

HPB 501 Green Building Contemporary Practice

HPB 502 Regenerative Development

HPB 503 Whole Building Energy Modelling and Simulation

HPB 504 Building Energy Systems Design

HPB 505 Capstone: Greening Existing Buildings

HPB 506 Capstone: New Building Energy Systems Design

INDS 502C Interdisciplinary Studies: Thematic Seminars: Historical Memory and Social Reconstruction

INDS 502S Interdisciplinary Studies: Thematic Seminars: Global Health and Human Security

INLB 210 Land and Indigenous Self-Determination: Introduction to Theoretical Perspectives

INLB 252 Introduction to Gender Justice and Indigenous Communities