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Climate Change Courses

Looking for climate change-related courses in particular? Browse through our curated collection available to undergraduate and graduate students at UBC Vancouver.

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INLB 452 Gender Justice and Indigenous Resurgence

ISCI 360 Systems Approaches to Regional Sustainability

ISCI 361 Field Course: Systems Approaches to Regional Sustainability

ISCI 461 Comparative Field Research Course: Systems Approaches to Regional Sustainability

IWME 502 Engineering Hydrology

IWME 504 Water and Wastewater Management Strategies

IWME 505 Water Resources Systems Planning and Management

JRNL 520C Special Topics in Contemporary Journalism

KIN 360 Sport, Peace, and Conflict

KIN 383 The Modern Olympics: Power, Politics, and Performance

KIN 464 Health Promotion and Physical Activity

KIN 465 Interculturalism, Health and Physical Activity

KIN 489B Seminar

LARC 316 Trees and Shrubs in Landscape

LARC 431 Landscape Technologies I: Site Engineering


LARC 444 Green Network Planning

LARC 515 Planting Design

LARC 531 Landscape Technologies I

LARC 540 Site Analysis and Planning

LARC 541 Landscape Planning and Management

LARC 542 Aesthetics and Sustainability

LARC 553 Green Network Planning

LAW 306D Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law

LAW 307 Women, Law and Social Change

LAW 319 International Human Rights

LAW 319D International Human Rights

LAW 323D International Environmental Law

LAW 351A Topics in Human Rights

LAW 351D Topics in Human Rights

LAW 356 First Nations and Economic Development

LAW 358D Topics in First Nations Law

LAW 386D Sustainable Development Law

LAW 387 Environmental Law

LAW 390 Environmental Law Workshop

LAW 391D Topics in Environmental Law

LAW 392 Natural Resources Law

LAW 586 Sustainable Development Law

LAW 587D Environmental Law

LAW 591 Environmental Law Workshop

LFS 100 Introduction to Land, Food and Community

LFS 101 Principles of Microeconomics with Applications to Land and Food Systems

LFS 110 Land One: First-year Integrative Seminar

LFS 250 Land, Food and Community I: Introduction to Food Systems and Sustainability

LFS 302B International Field Studies

LFS 350 Land, Food, and Community II: Principles and Practice of Community Food Security

LFS 450 Land, Food, and Community III: Leadership in Campus Food System Sustainability

LFS 490 Topics in Land and Food Systems

LIBR 564 Information Practice and Protocol in Support of Indigenous Initiatives

LIBR 569C Current Issues and Trends in Library Services and Information Science