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SOWK 550 Social Work and Social Justice

SOWK 570K Directed Studies in Social Work: Historical Memory and Social Reconstruction

SPHA 556 Social Determinants of Health

SPPH 200 Understanding the Sociocultural Determinants of the Health of Populations

SPPH 300 Working in International Health

SPPH 301 Understanding the Sociocultural Determinants of the Health of Populations

SPPH 408 Topics in Aboriginal Health: Community-based Learning Experience

SPPH 522 Topics in Environmental Health

SPPH 523 Global Health and Human Security

SPPH 525 Issues and Concepts in Public Health

SPPH 527 Social Determinants of Health

SPPH 532 Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Communication

SPPH 535 Principles of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

SPPH 536 Aboriginal People and Public Health: Ethics, Policy, and Practice

SPPH 544 Socal Determinants of Health Across the Life Course

SPPH 545 Community Health Promotion

SPPH 562 Chemical and Biological Hazard Measurement

SPPH 571 Public Health, Transportation, and the Built Environment

SPPH 578 Social Determinants of Indigenous Health

SURG 510 Surgical Care in International Health

SURG 512 Global Disability: A Surgical Care Mandate

SURG 514 Surgical Care in Humanitarian Disaster Response

UDES 501 Urban Design Studio I

UDES 502 Urban Design Studio II

UDES 505 Urban Design as Public Policy: Policymaking for a Sustainable Region

UDES 509C Topics in Urban Design: Global Cities

UFOR 100 Greening the City

UFOR 101 Urban Forest Inventory and Assessment

UFOR 200 Urban Forests and Well-Being

UFOR 300 Arboriculture Principles and Practice

UFOR 400 Urban Forestry Field School

UFOR 401 Integrated Urban Forestry Capstone Studio

UFOR 402 Urban Forestry Administration, Policy and Law

UFOR 403 Ecological Restoration

UFOR 449A Directed Studies in Urban Forestry

UFOR 449C Directed Studies in Urban Forestry

UFOR 449F Directed Studies in Urban Forestry

UFOR 495 Biodiversity in Urban Areas

UFOR 500 Developing Green and Resilient Cities - The Urban Forestry Approach

URST 200 Cities

URSY 510 Urban Systems and Society

URSY 530 Urban Systems Engineering

URSY 550 Infrastructure Asset Management

VANT 150 Sustainability and Engineering Design

WOOD 120 Introduction to Wood Products and Global Trade

WOOD 461 Globalization and Sustainability

WOOD 491 Environmental Facilities Design

ASTU 401G Special Topics in Arts Studies: Wicked Problems in Community Development

ASTU 401H Community Based Participatory Research Approaches

ASTU 401I Community Based Participatory Research Applications Course & International Service Placement