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PLAN 425 Urban Planning Issues and Concepts

PLAN 503 Planning for Community Economic Development

PLAN 509 Urbanism as a Global Way of Life

PLAN 510 Environment and Sustainability Concepts for Planning Practice

PLAN 517 Theory and Methods of Urban Design

PLAN 530 Affordable Housing Policy and Planning

PLAN 531 Planning for Disaster-Resilient Communities

PLAN 532 Strategic Planning: Developing and Implementing Policy Plans

PLAN 533 Indigenous Planning: Ways of Being, Knowing and Doing

PLAN 535 Transportation Planning & Analysis

PLAN 548F Current Issues in Planning: Cultural Planning and the City

PLAN 548L Current Issues in Planning: Urban Transportation Systems

PLAN 579 Public Health, Transportation, and the Built Environment

PLAN 580 Urban Transportation Planning

PLAN 583 Housing and Community Planning Policy

PLAN 587A Urban Design

PLAN 587B Urban Design

PLAN 587E Urban Design

PLAN 597 Planning for Water Resources Management

PLAN 599 Environmental Policy Analysis

POLI 260 Introduction to Global Politics

POLI 309 Canadian Perspectives on Human Rights

POLI 316A Global Indigenous Politics

POLI 328B Topics in Comparative Politics

POLI 328C Topics in Comparative Politics

POLI 344A Social and Political Thought

POLI 351 Environmental Politics and Policy

POLI 360A Security Studies

POLI 361A International Violence and Its Control

POLI 364A International Organizations

POLI 369C Issues in International Security: Risks of the Nuclear Age

POLI 370A Issues in International Conflict Management: Peacebuilding

POLI 370B Issues in International Conflict Management: The Politics of Humanitarian Assistance

POLI 372A Multinational Corporations and Globalization

POLI 373 Ethics in World Politics

POLI 374A International Peacekeeping

POLI 375A Global Environmental Politics

POLI 422A Selected Problems in Comparative Politics: Politics and Global Health

POLI 422C Selected Problems in Comparative Politics: Democracy and Human Rights in a Digital Era

POLI 423A Issues in Comparative Politics: Social Justice Movements

POLI 423B Issues in Comparative Politics: Refugee Politics

POLI 439A Politics and Economic Growth

POLI 461 Peace and Conflict Studies

POLI 464A Problems in International Relations: Global Civil Society and NGOs in International Politics

POLI 464B Problems in International Relations: Gender, Peace and Security

POLI 464F Problems in International Relations: Human Right Advocacy: Case Study–Academic Freedom and Scholars at Risk

POLI 516C Issues in Comparative Politics: Migration and Citizenship

POLI 562A Topics in International Relations: Global Environmental Politics

POLI 564C Research Seminar in International Relations: Gender, Peace and Security

PSYC 321 Environmental Psychology