With over 400 faculty investigating sustainability-related topics at UBC, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve curated a list of researchers with expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

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Forestry (Vancouver)
Forest and Conservation Sciences
Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre; cofounder of Treenomix (a foundation of genomics knowledge; promotes forest health and sustainable forest stewardship for future generations)
Arts (Vancouver)
Colonial Legal History; Critical Theory; Race and Racism; Oceans and Maritime Worlds; Focused on global food production, climate change, and forms of war, this project draws from anticolonial...
Forestry (Vancouver)
Forest Resources Management
Climate change planning, outreach, and community engagement; visioning methods and visualization of climate change causes, impacts, and mitigation/adaptation; low-carbon future scenarios visualized...

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Jiang, Feng

Forestry (Vancouver)
Wood Science
Green approaches in nanocellulose isolation, characterization, and modification; Energy storage applications of bio-based nanomaterials

Jing, Zhichun

Arts (Vancouver)
Environmental archaeology, archaeology of collapse and sustainability

Job, Brian

Arts (Vancouver)
Political Science
International security; intrastate conflict; human security

Johnson, Greg

Applied Science (Vancouver)
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Passive solar design; energy conservation; sustainability; high-performance buildings

Johnson, Mark

Science (Vancouver)
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Hydrological Cycle and Reservoirs, Land and Soil, Climate Changes and Impacts, Agriculture, Ecology and Quality of the Environment, Running Water Hydrosystem, Fresh Water, Ground Water and Water Tables; Ecohydrology, Carbon cycle, land use, Water and Sustainability, Biogeochemistry, data science

Johnston, Darlene

Peter A. Allard School of Law (Vancouver)
Peter A. Allard School of Law
Indigenous Legal Traditions, Canadian Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, and Law & Colonialism. 

Johnston, Richard

Arts (Vancouver)
Political Science
Party Systems, Immigration, Multiculturalism, Canada, United States, Postwar Germany, and Political communication

Jovel, Eduardo

Land and Food Systems (Vancouver)
Land and Food Systems
Ethnobotany, mycology, natural product chemistry and Aboriginal health

Justice, Daniel

Arts (Vancouver)
English Language and Literatures
Cherokee intellectual history; Indigenous literary expression, intellectual sovereignty, and critical theory; Indigenous expressive culture; representations of race and sexuality in the literatures of the fantastic; cultural history of animals

Kamat, Vinay

Arts (Vancouver)
Global Health and Emerging Diseases; marine conservation; Extractive Industry; political ecology

Kandlikar, Milind

Science (Vancouver)
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability | School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
Climate Change, Air Pollution, Extended Producer Responsibility, Human Development, Agricultural Biotechnology, human development and global environment

Kazanjian, Arminee

Medicine (Vancouver)
School of Population and Public Health
Health systems and health policy

Keeling, Patrick

Science (Vancouver)
Molecular evolution and cell biology of eukaryotes, in particular the protists (i.e. eukaryotes that are not animals, fungi, or plants).

Kellett, Ron

Applied Science (Vancouver)
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Environmental quality; urban form; development of tools for urban design; green neighbourhoods

Kelly, Deirdre

Education (Vancouver)
Educational Studies
Gender studies, Media and democracy, Social justice

Kenney , Denise

Creative and Critical Studies (Okanagan)
Creative Studies
Devised Theatre, Physical Theatre, Art and Social Practice, Eco-Art, Performance Art, Interventionist Performance, Experimental and Documentary Digital Media.

Kershaw, Paul

Medicine (Vancouver)
School of Population and Public Health
Child care, parental leave, work-life balance, social policy, social citizenship, responsibilities and rights, gender and politics, income assistance, child benefit package, social inclusion, neighbourhood effects on child development, Canadian federalism, Citizenship, detrimants of Health, social care

Kesler, Linc

Arts (Vancouver)
Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies
Strategic planning for First Nations staff and student across the university; developing English department curriculum on American Indian and other ethnic minority literatures

Khan, Samia

Education (Vancouver)
Curriculum and Pedagogy
How can education support sustainability?

Kingstone, Alan

Arts (Vancouver)
Human cognition and social attention in complex settings behavioral, neuropsychological, and functional neuroimaging research; Cognitive ethology, social attention, brain and human behaviour.