With over 400 faculty investigating sustainability-related topics at UBC, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve curated a list of researchers with expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

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Applied Science | Science
Institute for Resources, Environment and...
Atmospheric Pollutants; Climate Changes and Impacts; Chemical Pollutants; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; Public Policies
Land and Food Systems | Science
Food, Nutrition and Health | Institute for...
Social Movements, Environment and Society, Dynamics of Social Transformations; food sovereignty, Sustainable agriculture, socio-ecological systems, agro-ecology
Applied Science
Architecture and Landscape Architecture
green building design, construction and operation, including the integrated technical and economic modelling of building- and community-integrated low-carbon energy systems; finding new ways to...

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To find an expert in a particular discipline, enter a name, department, faculty or research interest in the text fields below and search.

Liao, Carol

corporate sustainability, social enterprise law, business ethics

Lightfoot, Sheryl

Political Science | First Nations Studies Program
global Indigenous peoples’ rights and politics, Indigenous diplomacy, social movements, and critical international relations

Lim, Jim

Applied Science
Biomass and fossil fuels, Hydrogen production

Lin, Li-Wen

Corporate social responsibility

Lister, Jane

Sauder School of Business
Liu Institute for Global Issues
Corporate Social Responsibility; Environmental Governance; Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Liston, Mary

Administrative law and public law, Legal Theory, law and literature, law and politics, immigration/refugee/citizenship law, Rule of law, Comparative public law

Lokman, Kees

Applied Science
Architecture and Landscape Architecture
design challenges related to water and food shortages; depleting energy resources; climate change; ongoing urbanization

Loo, Tina

Environmental history of Canada

Lovato, Chris

Population and Public Health
Health promotion, population health and program evaluation, impact of health programs and policies, particularly in the areas of cancer prevention and health services

Lund, Adam

Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine, Mass Gathering Health, Mass Gathering Medicine. Health determinants, the public health and emergency response angles related to electronic dance music events, studying sports medicine, including endurance runs and triathlons, systems issues in terms of understanding the impacts on the host community when a mass gathering is held in a community.

MacDougall, Bruce

Sexual Orientation and the Law

MacLachlan, Mark

developing new organic and inorganic materials with interesting properties that may find applications in electronics, photonics, catalysis, and other applications; Some of our projects are aimed a combating environmental problems or improving alternative energy applications, such as solar energy conversion and hydrogen fuel cells

Madden, John

Applied Science
new and unusual electronic materials for application in solar cells, energy storage (batteries and supercapacitors), printable electronics and as artificial muscle.

Madiseh-Ghoreshi, Ali

Applied Science
Mine-Mechanical Equipment, Mine Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Conservation

Maldonado, Maite

Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
The role of trace metal availability in controlling the ecology and evolution of marine phytoplankton and bacteria; The role of the biota in controlling biogeochemical cycles of trace elements in the ocean ; Trace elements regulation of harmful algal blooms; 'biological carbon pump'; regulation of the global carbon cycle; GEOTRACES group

Mansfield, Shawn

Wood Science
Tree biotechnology; Trees and the Environment; Remediation of anthropogenic contaminants: phosphorous, salt, heavy metals.

Mansoor, Jaleh

Art History, Visual Art and Theory
Painting in the context of Marshall Plan Italy, materialist aesthetic abstraction in both modern and contemporary art, bio-politics and theories of subsumption.

Marker, Michael

Educational Studies
ethnohistorical perspective on educational conditions for Indigenous people in Canada and the US, linking place with history; histories of residential schooling across the Canada-US border for Coast Salish people

Marshall, Peter

Forest Resources Management
quantifying and forecasting stand and forest dynamics, particularly with respect to uneven-aged and/or mixed species (complex) stands; biometrics, forest measurements, modelling, sampling design, stand dynamics

Marti, Jose

Applied Science
Computer modelling of response to disasters, Infrastructures Interdependencies Simulation (I2Sim) project, electric power, Energy systems