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Forestry (Vancouver)
Forest and Conservation Sciences
Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre; cofounder of Treenomix (a foundation of genomics knowledge; promotes forest health and sustainable forest stewardship for future generations)
Arts (Vancouver)
Colonial Legal History; Critical Theory; Race and Racism; Oceans and Maritime Worlds; Focused on global food production, climate change, and forms of war, this project draws from anticolonial...
Forestry (Vancouver)
Forest Resources Management
Climate change planning, outreach, and community engagement; visioning methods and visualization of climate change causes, impacts, and mitigation/adaptation; low-carbon future scenarios visualized...

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Harrison, Kathryn

Arts (Vancouver)
Political Science
Environmental politics, environmental policy, climate change, global warming, climate change policy

Hart, Miranda

Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science (Okanagan)
Microbial ecology of soil microbes; the role and the applications of microbes in sustainable agriculture, viticulture, and ecological restoration.

Hassan, Marwan

Arts (Vancouver)
Geomorphology; hydrology; landscape evolution; stream ecology; urban hydrology; desert floods; water quality; water resources.

Heatherington, Tracey

Arts (Vancouver)
As a Sociocultural Anthropologist interested in globalization, development and political ecology, I examine environmental concerns in the context of social justice. My early research analyzed how powerful discourses about nature conservation can reproduce colonial and racist visions of culture and environment. I continue the critical study of biodiversity conservation at a broader scale, in relation to plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. My current research examines diverse cultural projects of seed banking and seed saving, including the envisioned role of agricultural science, technology and institutions in international efforts to adapt to climate change.

Heckman, Nancy

Science (Vancouver)
Monitoring energy use in UBC buildings

Heine, Steven

Arts (Vancouver)
Cultural psychology; the self; motivations; meaning; essentialistic thinking.

Helsley, Robert

Sauder School of Business (Vancouver)
Commerce and Business Administration
Growth and development of urban areas; the economics of urban sprawl; urban blight and redevelopment; impacts of economic growth on land and housing prices; causes and consequences of privatization in the public sector

Henderson, Sarah

Medicine (Vancouver)
School of Population and Public Health
My work spans a wide range of topics including: air pollution from all provincially relevant sources (wildfire smoke, residential woodsmoke, industry, road dust, shipping, and vehicles); extreme weather events; radon gas; food safety; water quality; and exposures managed by the Drug and Poison Information Centre (DPIC)

Henry, Annette

Education (Vancouver)
Language and Literacy Education
Race, class, language, gender and culture in socio-cultural contexts of teaching and learning in the lives of Black students, Black oral histories, and Black women teachers’ practice in Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean

Henry, Greg

Arts (Vancouver)
Consequences of environmental change, driven by the changing climate, on Arctic tundra ecosystems; help Arctic communities to understand and interpret observations of environmental change by elders through shared field and class experiences and participation in science-based projects on berry producing shrub species

Hermansen, Sally

Arts (Vancouver)
Geographic Information Science; visualizing environmental history

Herrington, Susan

Applied Science (Vancouver)
School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Theories in landscape architecture; contested landscapes, including landscapes for risk; design theories of contemporary landscape architecture, including theories regarding children’s landscapes

Hewage, Kasun

School of Engineering (Okanagan)
Civil Engineering
Lifecycle assessment of construction products and processes; Waste management in construction; Energy based sustainability analysis in infrastructure projects; Construction productivity and safety; Human factors and information technology in construction; Construction process optimization

Hiebert, Dan

Arts (Vancouver)
Immigration, diversity, national security

Hinch, Scott

Forestry (Vancouver)
Forest and Conservation Sciences
Salmon migration behavioural physiology and ecology; Land-use effects on fish ecology and habitat; Adult salmon migration survival, behaviour, energetics, physiology, habitat use, environmental cues, effects of fisheries and capture-release, passage in regulated rivers, disease and pathogens

Hirsh, Elizabeth

Arts (Vancouver)
Employment discrimination and the impact of antidiscrimination laws and corporate diversity policies on gender, race, and ethnic inequality in the workplace

Hoberg, George

Arts (Vancouver)
School of Public Policy and Global Affairs
Forest policy, energy policy, environmental policy, trade and environment, softwood lumber, Olympics, Aboriginal issues (land rights), Forestry policy

Hodges, Karen

Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science (Okanagan)
Ecology; conservation biology; effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on behaviour and population dynamics; predator-prey dynamics; extinction risks; species-at-risk legislation; wildfires and wildlife; biosolids and wildlife.

Holmes, Nancy

Creative and Critical Studies (Okanagan)
Creative Studies
Creative Writing: Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction & Fiction; Canadian literature; Ecopoetics; Community-based Art; Place-based art; Collaboration and interdisciplinary research methods; Sustainability; First World War poetry; Early 20th century literature for girls; Editing; Place, community, and artistic collaboration.

Holuszko, Maria

Applied Science (Vancouver)
Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering
Recovery of metals from industrial and municipal waste streams; Urban Mining; biomass waste from forestry and tailings from coal mining to produce new bio-renewable fuel for the power industry