With over 400 faculty investigating sustainability-related topics at UBC, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve curated a list of researchers with expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

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Applied Science | Science
Institute for Resources, Environment and...
Atmospheric Pollutants; Climate Changes and Impacts; Chemical Pollutants; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; Public Policies
Land and Food Systems | Science
Food, Nutrition and Health | Institute for...
Social Movements, Environment and Society, Dynamics of Social Transformations; food sovereignty, Sustainable agriculture, socio-ecological systems, agro-ecology
Applied Science
Architecture and Landscape Architecture
green building design, construction and operation, including the integrated technical and economic modelling of building- and community-integrated low-carbon energy systems; finding new ways to...

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To find an expert in a particular discipline, enter a name, department, faculty or research interest in the text fields below and search.

Giang, Amanda

Applied Science | Science
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability | Engineering
Atmospheric Pollutants; Climate Changes and Impacts; Chemical Pollutants; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; Public Policies

Gill, Hartej

Educational Studies
using research to bridge the gap between theory, practice, and social activism; identity, power, systemic oppression. colonialism, patriarchy and modernity etc

Girling, Cynthia

Applied Science
Architecture and Landscape Architecture
sustainable urban design, the public realm, and tools for urban design; methods and tools of measured visualizations for public engagement in community planning and design

Gladwin, Derek

Language and Literacy Education
Environmental and energy literacy; sustainability education; environmental humanities and arts-based education; food literacy; social and spatial justice.

Glassheim, Eagle

environmental history

Glassman, Jim

Third World Urbanization, Economic Geography

Gleason, Mona

Educational Studies
social justice; age and size as categories of historical analysis, gender and sexuality, health and the body, race and nation

Goold, Benjamin

Criminology and Criminal Justice, Human Rights, Privacy, Surveillance, and Security

Gordillo, Gaston

Space and violence, affect, ruins and ruination, critical theory and continental philosophy, object-oriented ontologies, resistance to agribusiness, Latin America, Argentina, the Gran Chaco

Graham, Sean

plant biodiversity with a focus on both evolutionary and molecular approaches

Grayston, Sue

Forest and Conservation Sciences
Climate change and soil C sequestration; Soil microbial community structure and function related to GHG emissions

Green, David

Vancouver School of Economics
minimum wage; immigration; theories of justice (Rawls)

Green, Sheldon

Applied Science
building ventilation and filtration; optimal design of displacement ventilation systems and air handling equipment

Griess, Verena

Forest Resources Management
sustainable forest management, forest management planning, plantation forests + productive forests, close to nature forestry/ near natural forestry, decision support systems, economic benefits of mixed + multi cohort stands

Griffin, Dale

Sauder School of Business
Consumer judgment and decision making; Prediction and forecasting in consumers and managers; Methods for analyzing individual and aggregate effect

Groat, Lee

Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Environmental Mineralogy; acid mine drainage potential; natural acid rock drainage; mine wastes and neutralization potential

Guhn, Martin

Population and Public Health
social determinants of developmental health; social and cultural community and neighborhood effects on child development

Gulati, Sumeet

Land and Food Systems
Food, Nutrition and Health
The Economics of Urban Transportation; The Effectiveness of Carbon Taxes; The Effectiveness of Environmental Policy; The Economics of Human Wildlife Conflict; The Political Economy of Environmental and Trade Policy; International Trade and its Effect on the Environment.

Guppy, Neil

social inequality; Social Change and the Gendered Division of Household Labour; Canada’s Gender Equity Revolution

Gurstein, Penny

Applied Science
Community and Regional Planning
socio-cultural aspects of community planning with particular emphasis on those who are the most marginalized in planning processes; developing strategies and interventions that encourage diversity, equity and urban sustainability in the planning and design of communities; affordable homeownership and rental housing