With over 400 faculty investigating sustainability-related topics at UBC, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve curated a list of researchers with expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

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Applied Science | Science
Institute for Resources, Environment and...
Atmospheric Pollutants; Climate Changes and Impacts; Chemical Pollutants; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; Public Policies
Land and Food Systems | Science
Food, Nutrition and Health | Institute for...
Social Movements, Environment and Society, Dynamics of Social Transformations; food sovereignty, Sustainable agriculture, socio-ecological systems, agro-ecology
Applied Science
Architecture and Landscape Architecture
green building design, construction and operation, including the integrated technical and economic modelling of building- and community-integrated low-carbon energy systems; finding new ways to...

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To find an expert in a particular discipline, enter a name, department, faculty or research interest in the text fields below and search.

Kunz, Nadja

Applied Science | Arts
Engineering | Public Policy and Global Affairs
works at the interface of research and practice to resolve private sector water challenges, with a focus on the mining and resources sector

Lam, Frank

Wood Science
Engineering, wood products

Larson, Bruce

Forest Resources Management
silviculture (especially economic and biodiversity issues), and forest management (especially forest certification).

Lau, Anthony

Applied Science
Environmental engineering, waste-to-resource recycling, composting, odor control, biohydrogen energy

Lauer, Sean

Place Based Approaches to Strengthening Communities

Lauster, Nathanael

housing justice and health; Housing; Urban; Immigration; Population; Environment;

Laval, Bernard

Applied Science
Environmental Fluid Mechanics; water management; rehabilitation of lakes, mine tailings, the dispersion of nutrients and pollutants in lakes and coastal waters, movement of toxic materials in aquatic environments and more

Lavallee, Suzie

Forest and Conservation Sciences
how ecological pressures can shift the investment of resources in insects; experiential learning; impact of conservation and forest resources management on the livelihoods of people and the vast biodiversity of India

Lawrence, Gregory

Applied Science
Environmental fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrodynamic stability and mixing, physical limnology, water quality management

Le Billon, Philippe

Geography | Public Policy and Global Affairs
political geography, political ecology, and war studies; the links between natural resources and armed conflicts; the political economy of war and reconstruction; the resource curse; corruption; natural disasters; governance of extractive sectors, and food security

Leaf, Michael

Applied Science
Community and Regional Planning
urbanization and social change in Third World countries, particularly southeast Asia and China; Analysis and planning for societies in the midsts of their urban transitions, with particular attention to cases in Asia; Infrastructure and urban environments in developing countries

LeBaron, Michelle

cross-cultural conflict resolution; conflict across worldview differences; gender and conflict

Lee, Christopher

Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies
Asian North American literatures and cultures, Asian diaspora studies, American Studies, race and ethnicity, aesthetic philosophy, critical theory

Lee, Jae-Hyeok

Genetic engineering of algae for efficient carbon capture and biofuel production.

Lee, Jongho

Applied Science
Environmental Engineering, Environmental Systems Engineering; Water/Wastewater Treatment, Desalination, Resource Harvesting, Nanoporous Media, Electrokinetics

Lehman, Darrin

Cross-cultural research; health psychology; coping with stressful life events; counterfactual thinking.

Lence, Barbara

Applied Science
Optimizing design and operational strategies of water resources projects, reliable withdrawal-treatment strategies for contaminated groundwater supply systems, water distribution system operational procedures to meet hydraulic and water quality objectives

Leung, Victor

Applied Science
Wireless networking and mobile systems. Within these broad areas, we address sustainability issues by seeking to design green wireless networks and mobile systems. Greening is targeted in two aspects: system designs addressing the reduction of electric power consumption (e.g., fifth generation 5G cellular systems targeting at least 90% reduction in power consumption compared with current generation cellular systems, and designing systems that can be deployed to enhance sustainability in society at large (e.g., wireless-enabled intelligent transportation systems that reduce road congestion and shorten trip times).

Leyton-Brown, Kevin

Computer Science
Computational problems in agriculture and development

Li, Loretta

Applied Science
Contaminated site investigation and management, environmental monitoring, risk and impact assessment, soil-contaminant interactions, mobility and migration of contaminants, remediation technology, mine tailings waste disposal and treatment processes