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Human Well-being & Social Systems
Production, Consumption & Waste

UBC acquires federal funding for solar-paneled parkade and net-zero housing

Built Environment & Mobility
Climate Change & Energy

Federal investment will help UBC further 'smart city' ambitions

Climate Change & Energy

UBC-led project combats emissions by locking carbon dioxide in mine waste

Climate Change & Energy
Production, Consumption & Waste

THE ranks UBC #1 in climate change action and sustainable cities

Climate Change & Energy


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It could be the coming battle royale for the future of the automotive sector: EVs or fuel cells? Both technologies have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, but it remains to be seen whether one has the long-term edge over the other. Late last month, researchers at the University of Texas at...
Vancouver endured its longest cold snap in more than 30 years this winter, with heavy snowfall and temperatures that stayed below 5 C for weeks. The city’s plight may have attracted ridicule from the rest of Canada, where snow and freezing temperatures are hardly something to bat an eye at. But the...
Cities play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change, but directly measuring emissions remains a challenge. In a paper published today in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques , UBC researchers share a novel method they developed to map carbon dioxide emissions— the...
The move to a low-carbon economy will be “a major structural shift for the global and Canadian economies,” according to a senior Bank of Canada official, but the Canadian economy is resilient. Timothy Lane made the remarks during a speech in Montreal on March 2. He argued that carbon pricing is a “...
When International Day of Forests rolls around this year, B.C. better get its forests a nice present. Or at least a card. That’s because B.C. forests are being asked to do much of the heavy lifting in British Columbia’s Climate Leadership Plan, the sprawling document released last August aimed at...
For years, Vancouver planners have warned that the city must do more to prepare for the effects of climate change. With sea levels set to rise nearly a metre by 2100, Vancouver will need to develop strategies and infrastructure to mitigate the impacts of floods, and water storage plans to allow the...
Earlier this month, the B.C. government announced it would extend its Clean Energy Vehicle program, originally launched in 2011. The provincial government has infused another $40 million into the program, which lets consumers save $5,000 on the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles, and $6,000...