Recognize the leadership and outstanding achievements of those committed to reducing climate change, reversing biodiversity loss, transforming to circular economies, and creating more resilient communities. Nominate a peer, colleague, or inspiring leader by April 3 @ 11:59pm.

There are two awards under four categories: undergraduate-student, graduate-student, staff, and faculty. Any UBC member can nominate another UBC member who has demonstrated engagement in the categories listed in the following criteria. Award recipients will be recognized at the Sustainability Celebration on April 21. 



• Candidate has demonstrated creative problem-solving skills to address challenges that have resulted in a positive and tangible improvement is sustainability or climate action at UBC
• Candidate’s work has resulted in creative approaches to advancing sustainability and climate action at UBC


• Candidate consistently exceeds the expectations of their role to make a positive impact at UBC through sustainability action, including climate action
• Candidate has demonstrated resourcefulness and creativity to address and solve needs related to sustainability


• Candidate inspires others to take action personally and/or professionally through their leadership and passion for sustainability and climate action
• Candidate is willing to take bold steps to inspire action through individual and collective response

Inclusive Communities

• Candidate works to bring community together for collective response toward uncovering and addressing challenging issues within UBC
• Through their behavior, language, and interactions, candidate demonstrates awareness of their power and privilege and fosters actions that lead to a more inclusive, equitable and supportive community at UBC

Note: criteria are offered to guide the nomination; nominees are not required to fulfil all criteria.

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Does a student need to be currently enrolled at UBC? Do they need to be a full-time student?

A student must be currently enrolled as a full-time student to be nominated for a Sustainability Leadership Award.

Does the staff have to be full-time at UBC?

Both part-time and full-time staff are eligible for the award.

What is the eligible time period for the achievements?

You can nominate an individual for their achievements between January 2022 and March 2023.

Are graduate students eligible to nominate someone or be nominated?

Any student, including graduate students, can nominate an undergraduate student, graduate student, staff, or faculty member. Graduate students are eligible for nomination.

How many people can I nominate?

You can nominate one person under each category: undergraduate-student, graduate-student, staff, and faculty.

Can I nominate myself?

You cannot self nominate for a Sustainability Leadership Award.

How will the award recipients be selected?

A selection committee with diverse representation from each award category will select the recipients.

I just nominated someone; when can I expect to hear back?

The awards will be announced at the Sustainability Celebration on April 21.

When will award recipients be notified?

Award recipients and the nominators will be notified by April 14.