When it comes to sustainability, everything is included. A blog post about UBC's affordable housing plans. A news story detailing UBC's new renewable energy facility. An on-campus lecture by a leading author on sustainable agriculture. A media release sharing UBC research into the effects of ocean warming.

Keeping track of all the sustainability related news items and events happening at UBC is, quite honestly, impossible. But we're trying.

Here you will find an archive of past website stories:

  • Stories of student involvement and leadership
  • Stories on faculty research and innovation
  • Stories on how UBC works with communities and partners

In addition, you'll find pages listings:

  • Sustainability related events being held on our Vancouver campus
  • Stories that have appeared in the media, and
  • Newsletters addressing social innovation and sustainability, green research, sustainability education and more.

Media Inquiries

For assistance in finding a UBC expert for sustainability related news stories, please contact:

Lou Corpuz-Bosshart
UBC Public Affairs