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Climate Change & Energy
Policy, Economics & Governance
Who pays for climate breakdown? Is Biden going to COP27 to clinch a climate deal? Will the voices of Indigenous leaders, youth activists, civil society actors, and more be heard? Join UBC student and faculty delegates on-the-ground at COP27 in...

Nature is Right- Legal Recognition of Nature’s Rights

Ecological Systems
Human Well-being & Social Systems
Natural Resources

Engagement Recap: Re-storying our Relations with the Natural World – Mother Trees Forest Walk

Ecological Systems
Human Well-being & Social Systems

UBC strengthens track record as global sustainability leader in higher education

Climate Change & Energy
Human Well-being & Social Systems

Podcast: F is for Faculty - Dr. Jiaying Zhao

Climate Change & Energy
Human Well-being & Social Systems


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A podcast series on sustainability and climate action brought to you by the Sustainability Hub. In each episode, we’ll introduce you to what a UBC faculty member is doing to advance sustainability and climate action through research and teaching, and they’ll tell you what they want you to DO with all this new knowledge.

More News

An Earth Week special on old growth forests and climate change featuring Mother Trees, climate litigation, and Indigenous knowledge. Part of the Climate Justice Series.
UBC spin-off Carbin Minerals will receive $1 million from XPRIZE and the Musk Foundation to remove thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. --
UBC WasteNauts is a solutions-driven Engineering Design Team that encompasses sustainability in its engineering design processes and principles towards contributing to a more circular economy. Their goal? To radically minimize waste on our planet by applying knowledge from all fields to transform...
The Sustainability Hub would like to congratulate the recipients of 2022 Climate Education Grants, supporting faculty members who are looking to enhance their courses with climate change-related content.
Excerpt from an interview with Annie Montague, Department of Educational Studies (MA), on how developing nature-based activities at the UBC Learning Exchange combined academics, career and community. Read the full story and learn more about the UBC Learning Exchange . What did you do at the...
Part of SDG Week 2022, an event series hosted by UBC Sustainability Ambassadors centered around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Ambassador Circular Economy team hosted the Visualizing Circular Economies competition, to address SDG Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and...
This article by Emily Chung originally appeared on CBC News on March 09, 2022. Features climate justice issues highlighted by Temitope Onifade, International Doctoral Fellow, a Liu Scholar and a Vanier Scholar at UBC, and author of a Canadian Climate Law Initiative report on fossil fuel subsidies...
With the return to campus and students preparing for mid-terms, there was a buzz building at UBC leading into the week of February 14. No doubt, some of that buzz was reverberating from the sounding of “Code Red” alarms, signalling the urgent need to act on the climate crisis.