Student Opportunities

We are pleased to offer UBC graduate students funded internships doing applied research on sustainability projects.  

The UBC Sustainability Scholars program is open to full-time UBC graduate students from all academic disciplines. Successful candidates must commit to a minimum of 10 hours of work per week. Compensation is $21/hour for up to 250 hours of work. Project durations and completion dates are specified in the project description.

Browse our Project Library to view reports on the sustainability projects completed to date.

How to apply: Please review the application guide (PDF) before applying. This document outlines important program information, eligibility criteria, and the application procedure. You may apply for more than one position. Applicants may also find this list of FAQs helpful.   

Summer 2018 Opportunities

Sustainability Scholars Projects

2018-02 Campus Energy Infrastructure Study (UBC Vancouver) (closed)

2018-03 UBC LED lighting retrofit plan (closed)

2018-04 Web application developer for UBC Sustainable Farming Tool (closed)

2018-05 Building innovative regional and international sustainability collaborations (full time 500 hours) (closed)

2018-06 Building innovative regional and international sustainability collaborations (part time 250 hours) (closed)

2018-07 Conflict resilience through Theatre for Living: community engagement & event management (closed)

2018-08 Limiting the Energy Demands of New Homes (closed)

2018-09 Implementation Strategy for Envision 2032, City of New West Sustainability Framework (closed)

2018-10 Analysis of high performance energy-efficient buildings in the City of North Vancouver (a case study) (closed)

2018-11 Understanding the performance gap for UBC residential buildings (closed)

2018-12 Feasibility review of Energy Step Code adoption – City of Abbotsford (closed)

2018-13 Impact of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure on EV adoption, trip behaviour and lifestyles (closed)

2018-14 Creating a circular economy in New West: pilot test of National Industrial Symbiosis Program (closed)

2018-15 High performance housing for the missing middle: planning & policy tools – City of New Westminster (closed)

2018-16 Local government levers for action on electric vehicle (EV) charging stations (closed)

2018-17 A review of Community Energy & Emissions Planning and GHG target setting in BC’s fastest growing city – City of Surrey (closed)

2018-18 Corporate Energy Step Code policy for new buildings and major renovations – Township of Langley (closed)

2018-19 LED street lighting business case – Township of Langley (repost, closed)

2018-20 Understanding the Residential Builder Sector in BC (closed)

2018-21 Health and safety aspects of residential electric water heaters (closed)

2018-22 Conservation and energy management in Indigenous Communities (closed)

2018-23 Challenges and Opportunities for Heat Pumps in BC Hydro’s Non-Integrated Areas (closed)

2018-24 Understanding and communicating resale values of high performance homes (Nanaimo) (closed)

2018-25 Textiles Recycling Technologies and Colouring Methods (closed)

2018-26 Monitoring impacts of climate change on the forests of regional watersheds (closed)

2018-27 Estimating the impact of residential disposal of fats, oil and grease on the regional wastewater system (closed)

2018-28 Research to support appropriate source controls to address toxic contaminants found in surfactants (closed)

2018-29 Assessing the performance of Metro Vancouver’s wood smoke forecasting tool (repost, closed)

2018-30 Assessment of Electrical Vehicle strategies/plans among local governments (closed)

2018-31 Comparative Analysis of Organic Waste Processing Methods in Metro Vancouver (repost, closed)

2018-32 Forest fungal pathogen management - best practices for Regional Parks (repost, closed)

2018-33 Mapping existing UBC food goals and initiatives towards a university-wide UBC Food Strategy (closed)

2018-34 Healthy Beverage Initiative research proposal development - UBC Okanagan (repost, closed)

2018-35 Developing a Framework for Community Programming Evaluation (UBC Campus) (closed)

2018-36 Critical review of the "Inclusive Excellence" framework for building an inclusive campus in Canada (closed)

2018-37 Developing a measurement Framework for Community Resilience (closed)

2018-38 Developing a Wellness program for Teaching Assistants (closed)

2018-39 Developing a community of practice to enhance faculty capacity to foster student wellbeing (closed)

2018-40 Supporting the implementation of the UBC Wellbeing Strategy (closed)

2018-41 Understanding the applicability of the WELL building standard to a UBC green building (closed)

2018-42 Evaluating partner engagement elements of UBC Thrive, an annual mental health promotion initiative (closed)

2018-68 Supporting neighbourhood interest in energy-efficient homes (closed)

Greenest City Scholars Projects

2018-43 How can landscape along city streets be more resilient in the face of climate change? (closed)

2018-44 Understanding impacts of climate change on street tree health (repost, closed)

2018-45 Nature Play in Vancouver Parks: Use of Parks by Teachers (closed)

2018-46 Developing an air quality particulate matter emissions inventory for the City’s fleet (closed)

2018-47 Local Industrial and Commercial Applications for On-Site Alternative Water Systems (closed)

2018-48 Water benchmarking study of restaurants, microbreweries and other businesses (closed)

2018-49 Benchmarking study of sports field turf irrigation and manual irrigation systems (closed)

2018-50 Research Local High-Performance Building Supply for New Low-Rise Homes (closed)

2018-51 Green Infrastructure in the Flats: Identifying Opportunities for Private Sector Participation (closed)

2018-52 Application of Stormwater Tree Trenches in the City of Vancouver (closed)

2018-53 Reducing the Vancouver Parks Board emission footprint through utilizing electric small equipment (closed)

2018-54 Developing a Long Term Sustainability Plan for the Vancouver Police Department (closed)

2018-55 Historical Analysis of Land Values on the Broadway Corridor (closed)

2018-56 Supporting Car Share Vehicles in the City of Vancouver (closed)

2018-57 Developing the Solutions Lab - Community of Practice + Qualitative Research + Workshop Delivery (closed)

2018-58 Supporting the development of the 2019-2022 Healthy City Action Plan (closed)

2018-59 GIS Interoperable Database for CIRES (Community Impact Real Estate Society) (closed)

2018-60 Impact study of potential uses of a Downtown Eastside facility (closed)

2018-61 Workplace Childcare: Discovering what really works for Vancouver children, families, and employers (closed)

2018-62 Healthy City Strategy Urban Indigenous Wellness Indicators (closed)

2018-63 Lifecycle Analysis of Electric Vehicles (closed)

2018-64 Solar Energy Farm – Organizational Framework and Business Case Research (closed)

2018-65  Revising the methodology for calculating and reporting on GHG emissions from contracted services (repost, closed)

2018-66 Zero Waste Assest Inventory (closed)

2018-67 The Financial Viability of Recycling Depots in a City of Rising Costs (closed)

Winter 2018 Opportunities

2018-01 Developing a Student Engagement Plan for a Healthy Beverage Initiative at UBC CLOSED