Making sustainable choices – ones that have a positive impact on value, social equity, and environmental wellbeing – is at the heart of UBC’s purchasing principles. We support and encourage students, staff and faculty to make purchasing decisions that support our goal to be a global and local leader in sustainability.


Every day, thousands of UBC staff, faculty members and students purchase goods and services that have economic, social and environmental impacts. Try the UBC Sustainable Purchasing Guide.

Mindful Consumption Guide

Learn more about the benefits of mindful consumption, why it supports climate justice, and how to get started in your everyday life.


Do you have surplus items, or are you looking to purchase new items on campus? reuse-it! UBC is an online warehouse for exchanging low-value items of $1,000 or less.
Choosing sustainable paper helps conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At UBC, we’re working to reduce paper consumption on campus, and ensuring that the paper we use contains a minimum of 30 percent recycled...
In 2011, UBC was designated the first Fair Trade Campus in Canada. We buy coffee, tea, chocolate and tropical fruit from producers who guarantee higher social and environmental standards, and better wages for farmers and workers.
Since 1999, the UBC Bookstore has worked together with Oxfam Canada and UBC to promote its ‘No Sweat’ Policy.
Providing a healthy and safe working environment for students, faculty, and staff is a priority at UBC. Our Green Housekeeping Program, run by UBC Building Operations, includes a comprehensive set of green cleaning and...