With over 400 faculty investigating sustainability-related topics at UBC, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve curated a list of researchers with expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

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Applied Science | Science
Institute for Resources, Environment and...
Atmospheric Pollutants; Climate Changes and Impacts; Chemical Pollutants; Social and Cultural Factors of Environmental Protection; Public Policies
Land and Food Systems | Science
Food, Nutrition and Health | Institute for...
Social Movements, Environment and Society, Dynamics of Social Transformations; food sovereignty, Sustainable agriculture, socio-ecological systems, agro-ecology
Applied Science
Architecture and Landscape Architecture
green building design, construction and operation, including the integrated technical and economic modelling of building- and community-integrated low-carbon energy systems; finding new ways to...

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To find an expert in a particular discipline, enter a name, department, faculty or research interest in the text fields below and search.

Bertram, Allan

chemical and physical processes important in the atmosphere; atmospheric aerosol particles and the role they play in urban air pollution, climate change and atmospheric chemistry; to better understand the role of human activity on the Earth'­s atmosphere

Berube, Pierre

Applied Science
Water treatment, trace organic contaminants, membrane and advanced oxidation technologies., Drinking water treatment, filtration/membrane processes for water and wastewater treatment, distribution system water quality, advanced oxidation, wastewater reuse

Beschastnikh, Ivan

Computer Science
Distributed systems, networks, software engineering,

Bi, Tony

Applied Science
Biomass and Bioenergy, Life Cycle Analysis, Green Engineering, Industrial Symbiosis, Fuel Cells Water Management

Bigazzi, Alexander

Applied Science
Engineering | Community and Regional Planning
urban bicyclists' uptake of traffic-related air pollution; transportation emissions; air quality; active travel behavior (walking and cycling); emerging human-electric hybrid vehicles (e-bikes); traffic management and modeling; the effects of urban transportation systems on health

Black, Andrew

Land and Food Systems
Applied Biology
Biometeorology, Soil physics, Microclimate modification; measuring forest–atmosphere CO2 exchange; processes controlling the carbon balance of forests.

Black, Jennifer

Land and Food Systems
social determinants of health and dietary choices; examine the impact of a community food hub program on food bank members’ nutritional status and experiences of food insecurity; neighbourhood-level socioeconomic status, demographic factors, land use and access to food in British Columbia.

Blackburn, Carole

relationship between Indigenous peoples and settler states; how Indigenous nations assert their rights and sovereignty in struggles over land and political recognition, and the consequences for Indigenous people of engaging states in legal and political arenas.

Bobinski, Mary Anne

bioethics; legal aspects of HIV infection; reproductive health law issues; legal responses to conflicting values or norms. 

Boedhihartono, Agni

Forest and Conservation Sciences
biodiversity, communities and livelihoods, conservation, human behaviour, land-use change, social impact, social science, sustainability, tropical landscapes and livelihoods

Bohlmann, Jorg

Science | Forestry
Michael Smith Laboratories
forest health, bark beetle, mountain pine beetle, natural products, Conifer genomics, Chemical ecology of conifer, insect interactions

Bombardini, Matilde

Vancouver School of Economics
International trade, political economy, applied microeconomics, international macroeconomics

Bowie, William

Division of Infectious Diseases
climate change, environmental degredation, inequities and infection, Social, economic and environmental factors which put people at risk for infection

Boyd, David

Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Environmental justice, environmental rights and responsibilities, the rights of nature, the debate between regulation and economic instruments, urban environmental issues

Brauer, Mike

Population and Public Health
Air quality research in environmental and occupational exposure assessment with regards to health effects. Air pollution from transportation, vegetation fires and indoor, the air quality in Asia and the development of sampling and analysis methods for air pollutants.

Brauner, Colin

environmental adaptations (both mechanistic and evolutionary) in relation to gas-exchange, acid-base balance and ion regulation in fish

Brinkerhoff, Joshua

Applied Science
Healthy and efficient buildings; Human/atmosphere interactions

Brondani, Mario

Oral Health Sciences
Community Health / Public Health; Social Determinants of Health; Dental Public Health; Access to care; Outreach initiatives within marginalised communities, community engagement/participatory research, and oral health promotion and policy development

Brown, Helen

Applied Science
ethics and equity in relation to neonatal and maternity care and community health promotion in rural communities; trauma and social inequity for vulnerable rural women, Indigenous knowledge and community health action

Brown, Loch

theory and practice of sustainable development; development-related challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa; human environment interactions; sustainability