Interested in expanding your network to collaborate with other UBC practitioners, faculty  and students to provide expertise and guidance on advancing UBC’s sustainability commitments from urban biodiversity and climate to food security and sustainability. Consider joining a SEEDS Interdisciplinary Applied Research Initiatives or Action Team.

SEEDS has convened four interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder research initiatives, and a number of supporting Action Teams.  

These interdisciplinary collaborations advance SEEDS Research Priorities, UBC’s sustainability and wellbeing commitments and provide impactful student-led research experiences that equip students with the professional experience they need to address societal issues, and faculty with opportunities to collaborate with other faculty, practitioners and students to provide expertise and guidance on advancing UBC’s sustainability commitments from urban biodiversity, climate to food security and sustainability. Each interdisciplinary collaboration has a Steering Committee, Action Teams and supporting research clusters.

If you are interested in getting involved, please check out one of initiatives to learn more:  

  1. Campus Biodiversity Initiative: Research & Demonstration (CBIRD) 

Action Teams:

  1. CBIRD Ecosystem Services Action Team 
  2. UBC Food System Project (UBCFSP)

Action Teams:

  1. Climate-Friendly Food Systems Action Team 
  2. Urban Food Production for Community Resilience Action Team
  3. Zero Waste and Circular Food Systems Action Team 
  4. Biodiverse Food Systems Action Team 
  5. Food Justice and Sovereignty Action Team 
  6. Climate Crisis in Urban Biodiversity (CCUB)

Action Teams:

  1. CCUB Curricular Action Team 
  2. CCUB Co-Curricular Action Team 
  3. Food Security Initiative (FSI)  

Your commitment:

  1. If joining a Steering Committee in one our Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives: 

Role: Provide strategic and advisory guidance to advance the Interdisciplinary Initiative Strategic Plan mission and priorities.

Responsibilities: Provide interdisciplinary expertise and guidance on formulation of sustainability or wellbeing planning and practices, feedback on strategic priorities and initiatives, input on initiative progression, and promoting the communication of outcomes. 

Time Commitment:  Commit to attending on average a quarterly meeting. Periodic review of documents as needed. 

2. If joining and Action Team that supports our Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives 

Role: Supports implementation of actions specified in the Interdisciplinary Initiative Strategic Plan through engaged expertise

Responsibilities: Support the scoping, development of content and research contributions that will inform  Interdisciplinary Initiative priorities.

Time Commitment: Commit to attending a monthly meeting. 2 hours a month for document review.