The Sustainability Student Network is full of young people with a passion for sustainability. If you have a sustainability-related opportunity, submit it today and find the right students to help bring it to life.


You are invited to submit opportunities or events you would like to be shared with other Sustainability Student Network members.

When an opportunity is submitted, our team reviews it against the criteria below. If appropriate, the opportunity is shared directly with members of the Sustainability Student Network.Members will respond to the post directly. 

Please note, although we have a strong network of committed young people, submitting opportunities does not guarantee volunteers or participation.


We promote a very diverse range of opportunities from across many different faculties and departments at UBC’s Vancouver campus. 

However each opportunity must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Sustainability-related
  • Relevant and meaningful to students in the Sustainability Student Network
  • Opportunities that support students in their involvement/roles
  • Activities organized or hosted by you, or your affiliated group 

UBC’s Sustainability Initiative decides which opportunities are appropriate to share with the Sustainability Student Network. The Sustainability Student Network is not meant to host discourse. It is a network aimed at professional development and participation in sustainability events and activities.


To submit opportunities, you must a member of one of the following:

  • UBC Faculty and Staff
  • UBC-led student groups (such as Peer Programs)
  • AMS student clubs
  • National and International student clubs with UBC chapters 
  • The Sustainability Student Network
  • Organizations with sustainability-related opportunities that may interest UBC students


To submit your opportunity, please send us details including your answers to the following questions:

  • What is the name of your organization or club?
  • How is the volunteer opportunity related to sustainability?
  • What will students learn or gain from this opportunity?
  • Please insert an opportunity call-out (including role description, commitment, and contact info) (LIMIT to 100 words or less)