If you are a UBC student looking to get involved with sustainability, consider joining one of the many volunteer-run student clubs, organizations and initiatives on campus.


As the world’s largest student-run organization, AIESEC is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential to have a positive impact on society. By matching students to leadership experiences, national conferences and global internships, we provide opportunities for you to develop professional skills and an international perspective while making many memorable friends and memories.

Contact: info@aiesecubc.ca
Website: https://aiesecubc.wordpress.com/

Allard Law Student Society (ALSS)

The Allard Law Student Society (ALSS) is a student-run organization within the Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC. Our primary goal is to promote greater awareness of the legal aspects of current environmental problems to the community, and to offer opportunities to law students to understand the practice of environmental law. The ALSS sponsors and hosts many events at the law school, including an Environmental Negotiation Competition, Career Panel, field trips, and more.

Contact: info@allardlss.com
Website: http://allardlss.com

Bike Kitchen

Founded by the UBC Bike Co-op, the Bike Kitchen is UBC's non-profit, student-owned, full-service bike shop. At the Bike Kitchen, you can purchase a fully refurbished and guaranteed used bicycle, donate your old bike and parts, fix your bike with our tools, and learn to fix your bike if you don't already know how. You can also leave your bike for repairs if you're too busy, and choose from a wide selection of new and used parts and accessories.

Contact: bikekitchen@gmail.com 
Website: www.thebikekitchen.com

Bike Co-op

The Bike Co-op provides students and the wider community with an accessible environment where they can learn to fix bicycles, share resources, and work together. We have a variety of programs (a lot of which are free) to get bike-curious people involved with our community. As a member, you can engage in cycling education, outreach, and advocacy to promote biking as a safe, affordable and sustainable means of transportation.

Contact: info@bikecoop.ca 
Website: http://bikecoop.ca/

Botany Enthusiasts Club

The Botany Enthusiasts Club is the first and only Botany Club at UBC, directly affiliated with the UBC Department of Botany. We seek to bring together UBC faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduates who share a passion for the discipline of botany and/or a general interest in plants. Join us for a variety of plant-related activities and events that promote building a community of plant admirers and lovers at UBC.

Contact: ubcbotanyclub@gmail.com
Website: http://bec.sites.olt.ubc.ca/

Commerce Undergraduate Society Sustainability

Sustainability is a group within the Commerce Undergraduate Society and has been running since 2007. Our vision is to fill the void of business sustainability knowledge and action. Each fall, we host an annual business sustainability conference, Chasing Sustainability, and co-host the Ernst & Young Sustainability Case Competition. We also host speakers from business service sectors and work with the Sauder School of Business to incorporate sustainability in classrooms.

Contact: Adi Jariwala (adi.jariwala@cus.ca)
Website: http://sustainability.cus.ca/

Common Energy UBC

Common Energy UBC is a student-run organization working to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of the UBC community. We aim to affect real change by building strong networks and working proactively with the University. Join any of our six teams – Zero Waste, Food Choice & Climate Change, Mugshare UBC, Emerging Green Builders, and Student Energy – to engage in dynamic and innovative ways to create a more sustainable UBC community.

Contact: commonenergyubc@gmail.com
Website: www.commonenergyubc.com

Engineers for a Sustainable World

Formerly known as Chemical and Biological Engineering Sustainability, Engineers for a Sustainable World is a club made up of students and faculty who wish to promote sustainability through action, education, and engagement in the department and on campus. We organize events, including movie nights, regular speaker series, field trips, and large organic waste and e-waste collections. Currently, we are working on the UBC Biodiesel Project.

Contact: esw.ubc@gmail.com
Website: http://blogs.ubc.ca/sustainabilityclub/

Engineers without Borders UBC

Engineers Without Borders UBC is one of 34 professional and student chapters across the world working to create lasting change and improve the livelihood of people in developing countries. It’s not just for engineers. We have five different ventures for you to explore your interests – Advocacy and Geopolitical Insights, Sustainability, Youth, Member Learning/ Journalism and Kumvana.

Contact: ubc@ewb.ca
Website: https://www.ewb.ca/en/ubc-chapter/

Environmental Design Society

The Environmental Design Society is an elected government at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. We strive to help students quickly orient themselves within the environmental design program, optimize their level of education and achievement, and expand the resources and opportunities available to current and future students. We also aim to communicate to a wider audience the role of design in shaping the way we inhabit and form relationships to our natural and built environments.

Contact: ubc.ends@gmail.com
Website: https://sala.ubc.ca/student-life/student-organizations

Environmental Science Students Association of UBC

The Environmental Science Students Association represents the Environmental Science program at UBC. We organize social events for students to get to know each other outside the classroom, as well as academic conferences and discussions with professionals in the environmental sciences field. We also host study groups for the program's core courses.

Contact: essa.ubc@gmail.com
Website: http://blogs.ubc.ca/essa/

Environmental Policy Association

The UBC Environmental Policy Association is a club dedicated to analyzing economic and political responses to climate change. We host a wide variety of discussion-based events designed to encourage public engagement in environmental policy. Our mission includes increasing awareness surrounding global climate change policies and their ramifications.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ubcepa/

Equity Ambassadors

We are a diverse group of students, both undergraduate and graduate, working toward creating an inclusive learning and working environment. We raise student awareness via workshop education and outreach activities to better recognize prejudices in ourselves and others, identify ways of responding to situations of discrimination and harassment, and discuss strategies for working to build a socially responsible campus community.

Website: https://students.ubc.ca/campus-life/involved/peer-programs/equity-ambassadors

First Nations Studies Student Association

The First Nations Studies Student Association is a community of students, both non-Indigenous and Indigenous, who want to connect what they are learning in the classroom to contemporary Indigenous issues surrounding them. Whether it be through activism, co-hosting traditional Indigenous ceremonies, or building a community of engaged supporters of Indigenous issues and traditions, you will have opportunities to create important dialogue on incorporation of Indigenous interests into sustainable thinking and practice.

Contact: fnssa.ubc@gmail.com
Website: http://fnis.arts.ubc.ca/community/first-nations-students-association/

Forestry Undergraduate Society

The Forestry Undergraduate Society consists of undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC who are focused on the continued improvement of the academic and social environment in the Faculty. We aim to support the interests of all forestry students by providing resources and community involvement.

Contact: fuspresident@gmail.com
Website: http://fus.forestry.ubc.ca/

Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Undergraduate Society

The Undergraduate Student Association at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice aims to foster feminist, anti-racist, decolonizing, queer and trans* inclusive scholarship and research across UBC campus. Each year, we organize and host The F Word Conference, a student-led and directed conference on feminism, activism, and community.

Contact: grsjundergraduates@gmail.com
Website: http://grsj.arts.ubc.ca/get-involved/undergraduate-student-association/

Geography Students Association

The Geography Students Association is a student-run organization striving to build and maintain a sense of community within the Geography department. We aim to maintain a liaison between the students, staff and faculty, as well as promote social, academic and leadership opportunities for our members and strive to make our club and department sustainable socially, environmentally and economically.

Contact: info@ubcgsa.ca
Website: http://www.ubcgsa.ca/

Geological Engineering Club

GEOROX is the Geological Engineering Undergraduate Club. We organize the annual GeoRox Alumni Dinner and the Distinguished Lecturer industry night, as well as participate in intramural sports, field excursions, the "Back from Bush Bash" and the Engineers' Ball.

Contact: georox.pres@gmail.com
Website: http://blogs.ubc.ca/georox/

GreenChem UBC

GreenChem UBC is a student-founded and student-run organization with the vision of promoting chemistry that uses fewer resources, less energy and has lower environmental impact. Through seminars, workshops, and networking, we strive to educate scientists and engineers about important green chemistry concepts that are relevant to chemical research and the community at large.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/GreenChemUBC/

Land and Food Systems Undergraduate Society

The Land and Food Systems Undergraduate Society is a student-run organization committed to building a sense of community within the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. We host a variety events for the student body, such as Feeding 9 Billion, Wednesday Night Dinners, Aggie Week and LFS Career Week. Food is at the heart of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, and it is what we do best.

Contact: lfsus.president@landfood.ubc.ca
Website: http://www.lfsus.landfood.ubc.ca/

Oxfam UBC

Oxfam UBC is committed to developing innovative ways to support Oxfam's important aid and relief work, and to raising awareness of global poverty. We act locally, helping to create UBC's Ethical Purchasing Policy Committee, which draws together representatives from the UBC Alma Mater Society, the administration, and Oxfam Canada, and is committed to the goal of a "No Sweat" campus. We also foster partnerships to host exciting events such as fundraiser dinners, film nights, concerts, rallies.

Contact: ubc.oxfam@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/oxfamubcpage/

Parks Canada Club

The UBC Parks Canada Club empowers individuals to experience the wonders of the great outdoors in a welcoming, sustainably focused, and environmentally conscious community. Our mission is to inspire youth across Canada to get outdoors, have fun and promote healthy lifestyles through the exploration of Canadian Parks. Join us to learn how to camp and do conservation work in a safe and friendly environment.

Contact: parkscanadaubc@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/parkscanadaclububc/

Planning Students' Association

The Planning Students' Association is composed of students within the School of Community and Regional Planning. Our goal is to create a community of student engagement and learning within our program that examines and bridges issues from the classroom to the community, including sustainability.

Contact: https://scarpstudents.wordpress.com/contacts/
Website: https://scarp.ubc.ca/planning-students-association

Psychology Students' Association

The Psychology Students’ Association is a student-run organization that seeks to enhance the personal, professional and academic success of psychology students in UBC by working together with the Department of Psychology. We hold year-round academic and social events, and provide our members with information about psychology-related research and volunteer opportunities.

Contact: psa.president@psych.ubc.ca
Website: http://psa.psych.ubc.ca/

Roots on the Roof

Roots on the Roof is a student-run club that manages the rooftop garden space and the community garden plots on the roof of the AMS Student Nest. Apart from growing and harvesting food sustainably, we aim to create an inclusive space for social engagement and opportunities for you to explore, learn, and actively take part in food system initiatives. We host events and workshops that encourage conversations around food, culture, health, and sustainability.

Contact: rootsontheroof@gmail.com
Website: https://blogs.ubc.ca/rootsontheroof/

Sauder Net Impact

Net Impact is non-profit organization and Sauder’s largest graduate student club made up of students and professional members. Our mission is to make a positive impact on society by growing and strengthening a community of new leaders who use business to improve the world. We bring together like-minded individuals in lively discussions around sustainability, curriculum development, planning and hosting the annual UBC Net Impact Conference, and promoting opportunities to learn and volunteer in the community.

Contact: netimpactclub@mbasociety.ca 
Website: http://www.mbasociety.ca/clubs/net-impact/

Social Enterprise Club

The UBC Social Enterprise Club seeks to educate students about all aspects of social enterprise, engage students in active examples of social enterprise, and connect students to social enterprise organizations and professionals and other students, locally and internationally. We host events and workshops that bridge disciplines and aim at educating and empowering students to become catalysts for sustainable impact through social entrepreneurship. Our flagship event is the annual UBC Social Enterprise Conference.

Contact: secatubc@gmail.com
Website: http://www.socialenterpriseclub.ca

Social Justice Centre

The Social Justice Centre is an AMS Resource Group located at the Resource Lounge (2ndfloor or the AMS Student Nest). We recognize that there are immense socio-economic inequalities both globally and in our communities that inherently unjust. At the Social Justice Centre, we aim to serve any and all students interested in finding progressive solutions to societal and global injustice.

Contact: socialjusticecentre.ubc@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ubcsocialjusticecentre/


Sprouts is a dynamic non-profit and volunteer-powered initiative. Our endeavours include Sprouts café, a favourite destination for seasonal organic soups, homemade bread, baked goods, and fair trade coffee on campus, and the Sprouts box, a produce box subscription service. We also offer workshops, a bulk buying program, and a weekly by-donation lunch (Community Eats). We aim to create a community that supports sustainable food systems and provide various volunteer opportunities.

Contact: vpexternal@ubcsprouts.ca
Website: http://www.ubcsprouts.ca/

Student Environment Centre

The Student Environment Centre is an AMS Resource Group for people within the UBC community who are concerned, or would like to learn more about, environmental problems and the broader issues of sustainability facing our planet. We provide environmental and sustainability resources to the UBC community and organize events throughout the year on campus, such as Responsible Consumption Week, and events for our members, such as the annual Bike to Wildwood.

Contact: sec.ubc@gmail.com
Website: http://secubc.com/

The Pride Collective

The Pride Collective is an AMS Resource Group for gender and sexual diversity. Collective members are available to offer educational and support services to those who self-identify within the multitude of gender & sexuality identities and non-identities as well as to allies and those who just wish to know more. We assist those coming out; supply a forum for discussion; hold social events, workshops, daily discussion groups; and host Outweek - a campus-wide, week-long celebration in February.

Contact: prideubc@gmail.com
Website: http://www.prideubc.com


UBCC350 is a political climate action group that aims to use the power of collective action to promote climate justice. Through our campaigns, we advocate for government action on climate policy, political engagement, institutional climate leadership, environmental justice, and Indigenous sovereignty. We also administer the Divest UBC campaign to hold UBC accountable to divesting from the fossil fuel industry.

Contact: ubcc350@gmail.com
Website: www.ubcc350.org

UBC Farm

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm stewards a diverse, integrated on-campus 24-hectare farm system for learning, research, and community service. We are a one-of-a-kind facility that brings together the rural and the urban, connecting people with the source of their food. The farm explores how food systems can meet the challenges of climate change and improve the health and well-being of our communities.

Contact: http://ubcfarm.ubc.ca/contact-us/
Website: http://ubcfarm.ubc.ca/

UBC Global Lounge

The Simon K.Y. Lee Global Lounge & Resource Centre at the UBC serves as a home base for globally-focused UBC student clubs and organizations, currently representing membership of more than 1000 students. With funding and operational support from the University, we are committed to dialogue and action, regularly hosting programs and initiatives with an intercultural and international focus, and building a community among students, faculty, and staff interested in global issues.

Contact: global.lounge@ubc.ca
Website: http://students.ubc.ca/about/global-lounge

UBC Sustainability Ambassadors

The Sustainability Ambassadors Program is an immersive leadership experience for students interested in personal, collaborative, and community engaged learning. As an Ambassador, you will work as part of a team to educate UBC students about sustainability, encourage student engagement with sustainability, form connections between sustainability groups on campus, and organize and promote sustainability events. Find out how you could create positive change through projects and initiatives that enhance human wellbeing and engagement in sustainability.

Contact: sustainability.ambassadors@ubc.ca
Website: http://www.sustain.ubc.ca/ambassadors

UBC Sustainability in Residence

Sustainability in Residence is a collaborative partnership between UBC Sustainability & Engineering and Residence Life. Our team develops and organizes engaging sustainable initiatives for over 8,500 students living on campus. From leadership opportunities to integrating green lifestyle choices into your daily activities, living sustainably on campus can be both fun, and easy. Join your sustainability committee for opportunities to promote a range of ecological and social sustainability topics in your student residence.

Contact: rez.sustainability@ubc.ca
Website: http://sustain.ubc.ca/residence

UBC Wellness Centre

Want to learn more about your wellbeing as a student? Interested in topics like healthy eating, sleeping, safer sex and stress management? At the Wellness Centre, Wellness Peer Educators are trained student volunteers who can answer your questions, talk with you, and recommend resources for everyday concerns related to health, relationships, and workload. We also offer regular events and workshops to help you navigate university life.

Contact: wellness.centre@ubc.ca
Website: http://students.ubc.ca/livewell/services/wellness-centre