UBC is a place where people live, work, and learn together among the natural beauty, buildings, landscapes, and engaging public spaces found across our campuses. Find out how you can get involved in creating a vibrant, complete, sustainable community at UBC.


Student Opportunities

Sustainability Ambassadors Program

The Sustainability Ambassadors Program is a leadership experience for students interested in...
Human Well-being & Social Systems

Sustainability Student Network

The Sustainability Student Network is a community of students who want to get involved in...

Student Sustainability Council

Zero Waste Squad

The Zero Waste Squad is a peer-led volunteer program open to all UBC students – brought to you with...
Human Well-being & Social Systems

Sort It Out

We need the help of everyone in the UBC community to ensure that recyclable and compostable items are placed in the proper bins and not just dumped into the garbage.

Sustainability Funding Opportunities

Sustainability Revolving Fund

The Sustainability Revolving Fund provides a minimum loan of $10,000 for projects that reduce...

Workplace Sustainability Fund

The Workplace Sustainability Fund awards UBC Sustainability Coordinators with up to $1,000 to...

Sustainability Scholars Program

Human Well-being & Social Systems

Interdisciplinary Education Grants

The Interdisciplinary Education Grant program provides funding for small teams of UBC Vancouver...

Sustainability Coordinator Program

The Sustainability Coordinator Program provides UBC employees with opportunities and resources to promote and implement sustainable practices in their departments.


With over 400 labs, UBC’s research activities require a significant amount of energy, water and materials. The Green Labs Program offers staff, faculty and students sustainable ways to reduce the environmental impact of research at UBC.