Get Involved

We offer a variety of ways that students, staff, faculty and residents can get involved in sustainability, from engagement programs and funding to educational experiences and public events. Whether it's learning about sustainability in the classroom or integrating sustainable practices into your daily life, all members of our community can find opportunities to contribute to the sustainability transformation on our campus.


Students are the heart of sustainability at UBC.

Sustainability at UBC is about more than turning off the lights. Our campus is a living laboratory for testing, studying, and sharing sustainable practices, and students can be powerful agents of change and community leaders for sustainability across campus and beyond.

Faculty & Staff

UBC offers several programs and initiatives to inspire faculty and staff to make meaningful contributions on campus - across classrooms, labs and offices. As one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, these initiatives demonstrate our commitment to creating a culture of sustainability at UBC. Find out more below, and get involved today.