At UBC, we’re working collaboratively to establish sustainable food systems on campus by prioritizing local purchasing, becoming Canada’s first Fair Trade Campus, and using compost from food waste on campus grounds.  Using the campus as a living laboratory, we’re engaging students, campus food service providers and operational staff to identify innovative solutions to improve the sustainability of food systems on campus and beyond. We’re also integrating teaching, research and operations through initiatives such as the UBC Farm, UBC Food System Project and campus gardens.

Sustainable Food Initiatives

As a large institution with significant purchasing power, UBC is committed to sustainable food procurement. We make it a priority to acquire local and seasonal food, buy Fair Trade products, source sustainable seafood, and purchase goods from the UBC Farm. Through collaborative research efforts, we’re aiming to improve the sustainability of UBC’s food system and reduce food waste.

Campus Food Options

There are many options to purchase local and sustainable items across campus. Look for the campus logos coming soon at UBC Food Services and AMS Food and Beverage department outlets to help you select your favourite sustainable food choice.

Campus Gardens

Campus gardens provide hands-on opportunities for students, staff, faculty and residents to learn about sustainable food systems. From creating interdisciplinary learning opportunities, fostering community space, and providing practical experiential education, UBC’s numerous gardens are a great way to get involved in sustainability.

UBC Farm to Fork Cookbook

The UBC Farm to Fork Cookbook is designed to tantalize your taste buds, and to get you thinking about healthy, in-season and local food that is grown, promoted and sold right here at UBC.


The cookbook introduces you to a network of UBC local food champions, and the people, service providers, researchers and organizations at UBC who are growing, researching, promoting and selling local food, including:

UBC Sustainable Campus Food Guide

The UBC Sustainable Campus Food Guide aims to raise awareness of and facilitate participation in sustainable food system initiatives on campus among the UBC community for students, staff, faculty and residents.


This guide introduces all aspects of UBC’s food system, current initiatives, and what you can do to get involved.

What You Can Do

From choosing sustainable food options at campus eateries, composting your food waste, getting involved in campus gardening, and attending food-related events, there are many opportunities to get involved! Explore the resources below to learn more.