The UBC Food System Project (UBCFSP) is a collaborative, cross-campus initiative that brings together students, faculty and key food system staff and community partners to advance UBC’s food system sustainability. 

We create campus as a living lab projects, model best practices, coordinate partnerships, and offer students hands-on opportunities to make a positive impact to accelerate the transition towards greater food system sustainability.


Initiated by the Faculty of Land & Food Systems and the SEEDS Sustainability Program in 2001, the UBC Food System Project (UBCFSP) is comprised of representatives from various facets of UBC’s food system and applies a radially organized and community-based action research approach to collaboratively identify and implement transitions towards food system sustainability 

Since 2001, the initiative has engaged over 2,000 students, campus food representatives and faculty members in 250 projects across 30 courses. Applying a consensus building and systems approach, the UBCFSP has established the following vision, mission and goals:


UBC is committed to a just and sustainable food system, inspiring collaborative action in all that we do to catalyze global change.


To serve as UBC’s collaborative, cross-campus initiative that brings together partners in academics, operations, and research to further advance UBC’s food sustainability initiatives and food system.


  1. To conduct a UBC food system sustainability assessment

  2. To identify barriers that impinge on the ability of food system partners and collaborators to make desired transitions towards sustainability

  3. To create a shared vision and consensus-based guiding principles of a sustainable UBC food system

  4. To develop a shared model, opportunities and actions collectively deemed necessary to facilitate transitions towards UBC food system sustainability  

  5. To offer students applied learning, research and professional development opportunities for positive impact on ecological and human health

  6. To positively impact the movement towards the sustainability of the larger British Columbia, Canadian and global food systems


Our current top priorities include:

  1. Climate Friendly Food Systems
  2. Zero Waste and Circular Economy
  3. Biodiverse Food Systems
  4. Food Justice and Sovereignty 
  5. Urban Food Production 
  6. Systemic Food Insecurity, Food Knowledge and Skills


The UBC Food System Project (UBCFSP) involves representation from 22 community partner and academic units across campuses. The UBCFSP is comprised of a Steering Committee and a series of Action Teams who support priority areas to advance campus food system sustainability. Download a summary of our 2019 workshop.

Find out more about the work and progress of the UBC Food System Project (UBCFSP).



Project Details

The lifecycle of food at UBC includes produce grown on campus, food prepared by campus food providers, and the composting of food scraps for use across the UBC Farm and community gardens. In total, our on-campus food system consists of 96 campus food outlets, five grocery stores, 15 food production sites, and four Community-Supported Agriculture programs.   

You can browse the UBC Food Asset Map below to learn more about the campus food system at UBC Vancouver. Every effort has been made to reach out to the organizations and groups identified on this map. 


For more information, or to get involved with the UBC Food System Project, please contact:

Liska Richer
Manager, UBC SEEDS Sustainability Program, Community Development
Campus + Community Planning