The purpose of this project is to (a) Identify and create innovative approaches to research, knowledge sharing, storytelling and engagement by centring Indigenous and diverse lenses, and (b) Re-story and model how to implement walking A Pathway Together collaboratively.

Through respectful Indigenous and intercultural approaches, and centering the Coast Salish protocol, a holistic understanding of the interrelationships is invited.  Re-storying our relationships through an older oral traditions lens models both knowledge translation and dissemination across diverse perspectives.  Storytelling relays the rich nuanced cultural data being offered, encouraging connections between the Fraser River estuary, river, ocean and all who live within these communities, both human and non-human.

Partner: Sierra Club of British Columbia Foundation
Funder: UBC (Sitka Foundation)
Keywords: biodiversity, ecological systems, indigenous Coast Salish & intercultural lens

Fiona Kelly