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Across UBC, our faculty members are teaching and studying sustainability through hundreds of courses, programs and research projects. We are committed to fostering the knowledge, skills and experience of students in order for them to serve as agents of change, community leaders, and responsible global citizens.


Use our course finder tool to explore more than 635 sustainability related courses at the undergraduate and graduate level that address environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability.

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An introduction to life in the oceans, its variety and evolution; primary producers and their links to the environment, zooplankton, marine communities, and their role in today's world. See course listing.

Biophysical and human causes of short- and long-term environmental change at various spatial scales, including measurement, interpretation, and policy. See course listing.

Orientation to the programs, learning environment and core values of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems; career programs; survey of professional opportunities and requirements. See course listing.

Development of field skills, professional judgment, critical reflection, and integration of theory, practice, and policy. Offered at Malcolm Knapp Research Forest over a 7-day period in April.

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Degree programs
UBC offers more than 60 undergraduate, graduate and professional programs that allow you to specialize in a sustainability-related subject or area of interest.

At UBC, sustainability-related undergraduate programs include majors or minors offered by the Faculties of Arts, Applied Science, Sauder School of Business, Forestry, Land & Food Systems, and Science.

UBC offers sustainability-related graduate programs through the Faculties of Allard School of Law, Applied Science, Education, Forestry, Land and Food Systems, and Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Research-based graduate programs are thesis-based and can include an M.Sc., M.A., or PhD. Follow your interests, and add to the growing body of sustainability-related research.

For Faculty
The Interdisciplinary Education Grants program provides funding for small teams of UBC Vancouver faculty members to design interdisciplinary sustainability curriculum. Join your peers to innovate and enrich sustainability learning across UBC.
Sustainability Fellowships are awarded to full-time UBC Vancouver faculty members who are leading the design of new sustainability courses and programs through an Interdisciplinary Education Grant.
This study uses life cycle analysis to comparatively analyze two vehicle models of similar size currently used in the City's fleet.
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A leading education institution, the region’s largest employer, and a pseudo-municipality, the University of British Columbia (UBC) boasts a complex campus food system.
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This research focuses on developing a methodology that may inform a future mapping project to identify zero waste assets in Vancouver.
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