In advance of the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP29), want to know more about UBC students, staff, and faculty perspectives on previous conferences? See below local, national, and international coverage of COP28 featuring the UBC community.


UBC sending a delegation to COP28 in Dubai
Featuring Taryn Alessandra Cigagna and Anjali Desai
The Ubyssey


COP28 climate summit: What the goals are and why there’s controversy
Featuring Dr. Kathryn Harrison
CBC Kids

Shift away from fossil fuels now or face catastrophic warming by 2100, UN report says 
Featuring Dr. Simon Donner
CBC National

Discovery Island Sea Snail Species Threatened By Warming Oceans
Featuring Fiona Beaty
Cortes Currents

A UBC professor explains what to look for at COP28 & why he does not believe in overshoot
Featuring Dr. Simon Donner
Cortes Currents

B.C. groups intervene in legal bid to rein in weak government climate targets
Featuring Dr. Hassan Ahmad
Business Intelligence for B.C.

B.C. researcher finds clues to animal survival in mega-storms
Featuring Dr. Kaitlyn Gaynor
Vancouver is Awesome

Annual climate summit to get underway this week
Featuring Dr. William Cheung
Global News Morning

UBC professors use math skills to teach climate crisis in the classroom
Featuring Dr. Brian Marcus, Dr. Sven Bachmann
Vancouver Sun

UBC delegate to COP28 witnesses climate displacement in Bangladesh
Featuring Bashar Rahman, Dr. David Tindall
Vancouver Sun

UBC-involved study identifies mammals with better chance of surviving natural disaster
Featuring Dr. Kaitlyn Gaynor
Vancouver Sun

Issues to watch out for at COP 28 (French)
Featuring Dr. Simon Donner
Québec Science

COP28: British Columbians seeking solutions in Dubai (French)
Featuring Muhammad Huzaifa

UBC student participates in COP28
Featuring Anjali Desai
Global News

Was 2023 a washout year for the ocean and climate?
Featuring Dr. William Cheung
National Observer

Image courtesy of Hailin Wang