UBC shines as a leader in reducing embodied carbon in British Colombia. Recognized in the Carbon Leadership Forum BC Embodied Carbon Award, UBC's commitment to province-wide emission reduction is highlighted.

In April 2024, UBC was honoured to receive “Public Sector Leadership” award second annual competition hosted by the Carbon Leadership Forum British Columbia (CLF BC). Among the distinguished recipients of this coveted award were UBC researchers and leaders from UBC's Sustainability Hub and Campus and Community Planning departments.

The CLF BC (formerly known as CLF Vancouver) is a local hub and platform for professionals and stakeholders within the zero-carbon buildings community to foster and leverage learning and knowledge exchange on a range of topics relating to embodied carbon reduction. 

The BC embodied carbon award, which was initiated in 2022 by CLF BC, recognizes organizations within British Columbia that demonstrate exceptional leadership in reducing embodied carbon in the province’s-built environment. This award is divided into six categories: 1. Organizational commitment to change, 2. Public leadership sector, 3. Strengthening the practice, 4. Large buildings, 5. Small buildings, and 6. Commitment to circularity. 

UBC's recognition in the Public Leadership Sector category highlights the university’s significant role in emission reduction throughout the province. This category is meant for BC-based local governments, regional districts, and public sector organizations with leadership roles in emissions reduction efforts province-wide.