On February 27, the Sustainability Ambassadors hosted the Sustainability Careers Connections event, grounded in the theme of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This event brought together eager students and employers to discuss careers in sustainability. Students ranged from diverse disciplines, from engineering to kinesiology to forestry. Likewise, panelists came from many backgrounds such as environmental law, transportation, environmental policy, and engagement. The panelists articulated how their professional work connects to the SDGs and shared about their experiences. The event was lively, there were good discussions, and meaningful connections were made.

From the panels and breakout sessions, a few take-away themes emerged – the importance of education in achieving SDGs, the significance of building partnerships, and understanding sustainability through the lens of Indigenous world views. Events such as this allow students to network and engage with employees working in the sustainability field and expand their connections beyond academic studies to real life career development.

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