With over 400 faculty investigating sustainability-related topics at UBC, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve curated a list of researchers with expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

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Forestry (Vancouver)
Forest and Conservation Sciences
Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre; cofounder of Treenomix (a foundation of genomics knowledge; promotes forest health and sustainable forest stewardship for future generations)
Arts (Vancouver)
Colonial Legal History; Critical Theory; Race and Racism; Oceans and Maritime Worlds; Focused on global food production, climate change, and forms of war, this project draws from anticolonial...
Forestry (Vancouver)
Forest Resources Management
Climate change planning, outreach, and community engagement; visioning methods and visualization of climate change causes, impacts, and mitigation/adaptation; low-carbon future scenarios visualized...

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Zerriffi, Hisham

Forestry (Vancouver)
Forest Resources Management
The intersection of technology, energy and the environment, with a particular focus on rural areas of the developing world; institutional factors impacting the diffusion of new technology, determinants and patterns of household energy choice and welfare implications of rural energy use

Zhao, Jiaying

Arts (Vancouver)
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability | Psychology
What is psychology good for? How can psychology contribute to sustainability? To answer these questions, Dr. Zhao aims to use psychological principles to design behavioral solutions to address sustainability challenges. This approach offers insights on how cognitive mechanisms govern human behavior, and how behavioral interventions can inform the design and the implementation of public policy. Dr. Zhao is currently examining the cognitive causes and consequences of scarcity, what behavioral interventions improve the performance in low-income individuals, how to promote recycling and composting behavior, water and energy conservation, what cognitive, motivational, and sociocultural factors shape the perception of climate change, and how to engage the public on biodiversity conservation.

Ziels, Ryan

Applied Science (Vancouver)
Civil Engineering
Resource recovery via biological waste treatment processes for the benefit of human and environmental health; advance the knowledge of microbial ecology within these engineered processes, leading to improved performance in the recovery of water, nutrients, bioenergy, and other resources; anaerobic treatment technologies for the recovery of biomethane; microbial biotechnologies for nutrient removal

Zimmerman, Naomi

Applied Science (Vancouver)
Mechanical Engineering
Development and application of real-world-based tools to quickly and quantitatively assess the impact of our policy and technology decisions on air pollution and climate outcomes, and to use the knowledge gained to support better environmental policy planning; climate change; air pollution; Understanding the impact of renewable energy technology in developing countries (e.g. solar microgrids) on combined air, climate and socioeconomic outcomes

Zumbo, Bruno

Education (Vancouver)
Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
Philosophy of Science, Psychometrics, Quality of Life and Well Being, Research Design, Statistical Science, Theoretical and Applied Measurement, Health and Human Development.

Armstrong, Jeannette

Arts and Social Sciences
Community, Culture and Global Studies
Indigenous philosophies; Okanagan Syilx thought and environmental ethics coded into Syilx literatures.

Gaynor, Kaitlyn

Science (Vancouver)
Zoology | Botany
Behavioural responses of animals to human presence; effects of anthropogenic disturbance on predator-prey and other species interactions; socio-ecological dynamics of conservation and coexistence

Harrison, Kathy

Political Science
Climate and environmental politics, Federalism and local politics, Political economy, Politics and Government in Canada, Politics and Government of the United States, Public policy

Moore, Alex

Science (Vancouver)
Applied community and ecosystem ecology research; impact of predator-prey interactions on the health and functioning of coastal wetland ecosystems; role of cultural values and knowledge in ecosystem restoration conservation

Otto, Sarah (Sally)

Evolution of genomic architectures, Ploidy levels, mating systems

Shandin, Pete

Science (Vancouver)
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Indigenous research methodologies; geoscientific ethnography; Indigenous astronomy; social-political tribal structures; culturally congruent instructional strategies; and Indigenous science philosophies

Yoon, Liv

Education (Vancouver)
School of Kinesiology
Climate Change, Environment, Energy, Housing; Climate Justice, Intersectionality and Health; Social and Environmental Determinants of Health; Bodies, media and communication; Qualitative methodologies; Inter- and trans-disciplinary research; Knowledge Translation / Knowledge to Action