Acknowledging that the climate emergency requires bold, systemic and collective action, the Catalyst program seeks to advance climate leadership and sustainability engagement. 
Advancing sustainability leadership and engagement
Engage with programs and events at your own pace
Amplify through work with a directed group
Lead through high level action towards positive change

How it Works

The Catalyst program offers three streams for students to get involved: Engage – where students participate at their own pace, Amplify – where students engage with directed groups, and Lead – where students offer high level leadership.


Review learning objectives and criteria before completing the application from to join the program and selecting a stream: Engage, Amplify, or Lead.

Explore Sustainability

Explore, learn, and participate in several sustainability opportunities available to you at UBC.


The Catalyst program offers recognition and validation to students in existing and emerging leadership experiences on and off campus for their sustainability and climate action work.