When it comes to applying scientific research to support a sustainable world, UBC has a lot to celebrate. Join the UBC Faculty of Applied Science as a few of its distinguished researchers share their insight into sustainable communities, clean energy and more. All events are free and open to the public. Rsvp for all events and find further information at:  www.apsc.ubc.ca/celebrateresearch/index.php

Visioning low-carbon communities to build energy literacy

Presented by: Professor Stephen Sheppard

Monday March 7, 6-7pm

Vancouver Public Library, Alma VanDusen & Peter Kaye rooms

What does the future with climate change, clean energy and low-carbon neighbourhoods look like?  Join Professor Stephen Sheppard as he describes a Local Climate Change Visioning Process that shows what low-carbon solutions might look like in several BC communities.  The process uses 3D visualisations and other media depicting future scenarios and clean energy solution in order to build energy literacy and foster support for climate change mitigation policies.  A Visioning Guidance Manual is now available to help communities and practitioners build energy literacy and mobilize action: http://www.calp.forestry.ubc.ca/publications

The “livable” suburbanized city: post-politics and the influence of Vancouver

Presented by: Professor Matthew Soules

Tuesday March 8, Noon-1pm

Kaiser 2020/2030, UBC Point Grey Campus

Vancouver has become an influential model for the “livable” city. Join School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Professor Matthew Soules as he examines what exactly it is about recent Vancouver urbanism that is so popular and charts some of the ways that it is influencing development in other cities. The presentation examines this influence in relation to political ideology and globalization. The case is made that globalization prefaces what can be called ‘post-political’ pragmaticism and it is this particular world-view that helps engenders popular support for the concept of livability that Vancouver’s built environment is strongly associated. The presentation ends by discussing some shortcomings of the livable city that become more pronounced when viewed as an avatar of post-political ideology.

Clean energy for the future

Presented by: Professors David Wilkinson and Steven Rogak

Wednesday March 9, 6-8pm

Vancouver Public Library, Alma VanDusen & Peter Kaye rooms

Join UBC’s Clean Energy Research Centre Director David Wilkinson and Professor Steven Rogak for an evening of insightful discussion. They will provide an overview of the Clean Energy Research Centre at UBC and showcase a few examples of the leading-edge research taking place. They will also highlight successful industry partnerships and discuss opportunities for collaboration as we work towards a sustainable clean energy future.

Rsvp for all events and further information is available at:  www.apsc.ubc.ca/celebrateresearch/index.php