Join our lively discussions to examine the pros and cons of the tremendous attention around this issue, explore climate change solutions beyond carbon, and learn how YOU can become an agent of transformation through your lifestyle, career and political voice.

A sneak peek of what will be discussed at NOW:

  • Is a carbon neutral future, with limitless clean energy, equal to a sustainable future?
  • What can we learn from the rhetoric surrounding climate change?
  • What is the role of higher education in providing solutions and preparing the new generation of sustainability leadership?

This conference will be highly interactive and student driven, including keynote speakers, cross-faculty panel discussions, a tangible solutions workshop, a hypothetical situation discussion, sociometry dialogues and student sustainability talks.

Speakers Shortlist

  • Peter Victor, Managing without Growth: Slower by Design, Not Disaster
  • David Beers, The Tyee, Swim Against the Media Current
  • Kai Chan, Interdisciplinary Transacademic Education for Sustainability: Ecosystem Services as a Case Study
  • Hadi Dowlatabadi, Whose Sustainability?
  • Kathryn Harrison, The Politics of Climate Policy
  • Alexandre Hebert, Bottom Up or Top Down – Lessons Learned from Greening Curricula in Sauder School of Business
  • Emmanuel Prinet, Rethinking the Good Life
  • Andrew Weaver, A Hypothetical Situation: Voting for the Climate

Conference agenda can be found at For a complete list of speakers and events, please visit

This is a FREE public event with limited seating. Please register online at for March 11th and for March 12th.

Brought to you by: the AMS, the UBC Common Energy Dialogue Group, the Student Environment Centre (SEC), and the UBC Sustainability Office.