Robyn Wark, MRM MCIP, is the keynote speaker at our upcoming Research to Action: Advancing Urban Sustainability conference on September 27. Robyn is the Team Lead for the Sustainable Communities Program at BC Hydro, which runs the Community Energy Manager network in British Columbia.


September 19, 2018

Robyn’s support of the UBC Sustainability Scholars Program has provided opportunities for many students to work for local governments to further their community energy efforts.

The scholars, in turn, bring their skills and academic knowledge to the projects they work on, adding capacity and bringing valuable intellectual resources and insights to their projects. Some Scholars have gone on to become Community Energy Managers, while others have worked for organizations that BC Hydro has funded through the Scholars Program.

With a background in Geography, a Masters in Resource and Environmental Management, and a diploma in Urban Design, Robyn strives to lighten our footprint on the earth and integrate sustainability into everyday planning and building decisions.

Robyn is fascinated by group dynamics, influencing change, and empowering leaders throughout organizations. Her current work with BC Hydro involves fostering partnerships with local governments, industry and others to drive energy conservation and carbon reduction on a community scale, and provide funding for projects that advance effective sustainability practices.

To foster resilient relationships and access to funding, Robyn and her team create and support networks that enable B.C.’s sustainability leaders to collectively address difficult problems. One of her team’s goals is to understand the best combination of incentives, regulations, and information to enable communities to achieve a much lower environmental footprint.


Join us at the “Research to Action: Advancing Urban Sustainability” conference and hear more about Robyn’s work in the community energy sector!