UBC Master’s candidate Tegan Adams is one of 10 UBC graduate students who are spending their summer as interns within the City of Vancouver’s sustainability office.

The group, called the Greenest City Action Team scholars, hail from a variety of disciplines including architecture, engineering and business. The students are responsible for specific research programs intended to help the city meet ambitious environmental goals.

Adams, a graduate student in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, is charged with identifying local food. She will be measuring the total carbon emissions that are required to supply Vancouver’s half-million residents and restaurants with groceries. She will also look at ways to lower the city’s overall carbon footprint.

“It’s not just the distance that needs to be taken in to account–there are also social concerns,” said Adams, who is identifying Vancouver’s value system or food ethic as part of her objective.

To learn more, see “UBC graduate students join city hall’s environmental effort” in the June 23 edition of the Vancouver Courier.