“Although they came from Korea, Belgium, China, Brazil, and Thailand, they researched and debated the expansion so passionately one would have thought the pipeline was in their backyards” says Victoria Brown, English Language Institute (ELI) Instructor.

“For a unit on climate change, my class prepared a panel on the proposed Trans Canada Pipeline expansion.

The whole process of putting together and doing the panel came together fantastically, mainly because of how passionate the students were”.

English for the Global Citizen (EGC) is a new program at the UBC English Language Institute. It encompasses UBC’s ideal of "place of mind" and gives students from around the world the opportunity to improve their language skills through engaging lectures, research and discussions about prevalent global issues and sustainability.

Throughout the program, students are introduced to local resources and initiatives that concern sustainability through educational outings. Cristina Peralejo, ELI instructor, comments on the syllabus, “To initiate the dialogue on the topic of sustainability, my colleague and I selected a documentary from CBC Doczone, “The Battle of the Bag”. Students had a chance to become familiar with terms such as landfill, compost and biodegradable, heard throughout the film. They then shared current plastic bag policies in their hometowns, as well as in Vancouver.”

International students want so much to be part of what’s going on in the community.  Placing them front and centre of hot topics that impact Canada and the world is what EGC does, including the students in the current dialogue.

For more information about the ELI programs visit www.eli.ubc.ca.

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